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Mac OS X with Windows Vista/7/8 Dual-Boot

With EasyBCD, adding an existing OS X installation to the Windows Vista+ bootloader is a simple and painless operation. Depending on the installation sequence, there are two ways to get OS X and Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 to function together with the BCD/bootmgr bootloader.

Before OS X, there was Windows

If you installed Vista first and now want to install OS X, this section will show you how to boot Windows Vista and OS X simultaneously using the Windows bootloader.

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  1. Install OS X on your computer’s primary partition. Then, simply insert the genuine OS X x86 DVD into the drive and follow the on-screen prompts if you have the authorized Dev Preview kit.
  2. The Darwin bootloader should load OS X for the first time after OS X has finished installing. After that, it should give you a choice to boot into Windows Vista using the “Other” option.
  3. Start Windows Vista by selecting “Other.”
  4. Start EasyBCD and navigate to the “Bootloader Management” tab.
  5. To reinstall the Vista bootloader, follow the steps outlined here.
  6. Go to the next section to learn how to add OS X to the Vista bootloader.

Before Windows, there was OS X

A pre-existing OS X installation followed by a Windows Vista installation is the most typical option for people wishing to get OS running on their PCs. Unfortunately, the computer boots into the Windows Vista bootloader in this situation, and there is no choice to boot into OS X.

  1. Start EasyBCD and go to the “Add/Remove Entries” section.
  2. Choose “Mac OS X” from the top-level tabs.
  3. Select “Generic x86 Hardware” from the platform drop-down list.
  4. You can change the name from “NST Mac OS X” to something else right now.
  5. Select “Auto-configure Mac Settings” and then “Add Entry.”

You may now restart your computer and choose “NST Mac OS X” (or whatever name you like) from the Vista bootloader. OS X should start booting up right away.


1. Can you assist me with installing OS X?


2. After a few seconds, the screen goes black, and I’m back at the Vista boot menu.

During the black-screen moment, press F8 once. The Mac OS X menu should appear, and you should be able to boot into OS X from there.

3. When I select OS X from the Vista bootloader, I receive an “HFS+ Partition Error” HELP!

In EasyBCD 1.6, the Diagnostics Center offers a new feature for dealing with this very terrible problem. Fortunately, EasyBCD makes dealing with it a breeze: simply click the “HFS+ Partition Error” repair button, choose your OS X drive and partition numbers from the list (drives begin numbering at 0 and partitions begin at 1), then hit the repair button!


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User Questions 

1. What is the meaning of Mac OS X?

The Apple MacIntosh operating system version 10 is OS X. Apple billed OS X as the company’s first “complete overhaul” of the operating system since OS 9, focusing on modularity to make future improvements easier to adopt.

2. Is macOS identical to OS X?

macOS (formerly known as “Mac OS X” until 2012, then “OS X” until 2016) is the current Mac operating system that debuted in 2001 and formally replaced the classic Mac OS. Even though the system was initially promoted as just “Mac OS version 10,” it has a largely separate history from the classic Mac OS.

3. Is it too late to upgrade my Mac?

Apple releases a new version of macOS every year in September or October. It’s compatible with Mac models from the last few years. This implies that if your Mac is too old to upgrade to the most recent version of macOS, it will become obsolete.

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