The Pixel 6 Pro’s durability test is significant

The Pixel 6 Pro's durability test is significant

A dramatic divergence from Google’s previous offerings, the Pixel 6 and Android 12 represents a significant step forward. The software has been redesigned to be more customizable, and the hardware has been modified to stay up with current industry trends, which includes the ability to build your mobile CPU from scratch. Even the design of the Pixel 6 deviates from the norm and offers the phone a distinct aesthetic personality. But does that individuality come at the expense of long-term durability? Fortunately for us, JerryRigEverything isn’t one to shy away from putting his theories to the test, even if it means risking the device’s integrity.

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Recently, especially in the last two or three years, the Pixel phones haven’t exactly been known for their durability and hardware reliability. There have been some difficult material choices, such as using plastic for what should have been a high-end Pixel 5, difficulties with the display panel that couldn’t be resolved solely by software fixes, and the like. Each Pixel generation is almost like a game of chance as to whether or not it will have any of the difficulties listed above.

Consequently, it is a good thing that a few YouTubers are more than eager to test a phone’s endurance before it becomes more widely available. Some of the more prevalent of these are concerns about dropping phones on the pavement while walking, but those aren’t the only mishaps that might occur when walking. Zack Nelson of JerryRigEverything is well-known for his three durability tests, and he will subject the Pixel 6 Pro to the same rigorous testing as any other phone.

The good news is that, at least in terms of the most basic testing, the Pixel 6 Pro holds up its end of the bargain admirably. Sure, the Mohs level 6 and 7 picks cause permanent damage to the screen, but it merely means that it will be largely protected from coins and other sharp things in your pocket or bag for the time being. According to the researchers, the in-screen fingerprint scanner has also proven to be resilient to serious screen damage, which should provide some reassurance regarding the overall security of the smartphone on that level.

The good news is that the Pixel 6 Pro’s outlandish design did not affect the device’s performance in the bend test. As with many smartphones, it did show some flex, but not enough to be considered entirely flexible. There were also no holes to be seen because the phone’s display and back are cemented together tightly rather than being held in place by clipped together. However, whether that design will make it more difficult to unlock the phone for repairs is a completely separate topic.

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The Pixel 6 Pro may at the very least provide owners and prospective purchasers with some amount of confidence that their phones will not immediately break after a minor accident. It is still a different story if specific components are not functioning properly. There have already been reports of the Pixel 6 exhibiting various hardware-related difficulties, which will hopefully be resolved by future software upgrades shortly.