LibreOffice Writer: The Ultimate Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

LibreOffice Writer: The Ultimate Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Here we can see, “LibreOffice Writer: The Ultimate Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet”

With this free downloadable PDF of keyboard shortcuts, you can easily write and navigate in LibreOffice Writer.

For many people, Microsoft Word is their preferred word processor, but there are free alternatives available. One of them is LibreOffice Writer, a modern and easy-to-use free and open-source word processor.

Because LibreOffice branched off of OpenOffice in 2010, you may be familiar with it. LibreOffice Writer is likely to be able to meet your needs. It includes features such as easy navigation, custom styles, templates, toolbars, and more.

To make it easier for you to use LibreOffice Writer, we’ve compiled a list of all the keyboard shortcuts you’ll need to navigate and write as quickly as possible.

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LibreOffice Writer Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Action
F2 Formula bar
Ctrl + F2 Insert fields
F3 Complete AutoText
Ctrl + F3 Edit AutoText
Shift + F4 Select next frame
Ctrl + Shift + F4 Open Data Source view
F5 Toggle navigator
Ctrl + Shift + F5 Navigator on, go to page number
F7 Spell check
Ctrl + F7 Thesaurus
F8 Extension mode
Ctrl + F8 Toggle field shadings
Shift + F8 Additional selection mode
Ctrl + Shift + F8 Block selection mode
F9 Update fields
Ctrl + F9 Show fields
Shift + F9 Calculate table
Ctrl + Shift + F9 Update input fields and input lists
Ctrl + F10 Toggle nonprinting characters
F11 Toggle styles window
Shift + F11 Create style
Ctrl + F11 Sets focus to Apply Style box
Ctrl + Shift + F11 Update style
F12 Enable numbering
Ctrl + F12 Insert/edit table
Shift + F12 Numbering/bullets on
Ctrl + Shift + F12 Numbering/bullets off
Ctrl + A Select all
Ctrl + J Justify
Ctrl + D Double underline
Ctrl + E Center
Ctrl + H Find and replace
Ctrl + Shift + P Superscript
Ctrl + L Align left
Ctrl + R Align right
Ctrl + Shift + B Subscript
Ctrl + Y Redo last action
Ctrl + 0 Apply Text Body paragraph style
Ctrl + 1 Apply Heading 1 paragraph style
Ctrl + 2 Apply Heading 2 paragraph style
Ctrl + 3 Apply Heading 3 paragraph style
Ctrl + 4 Apply Heading 4 paragraph style
Ctrl + 5 Apply Heading 5 paragraph style
Ctrl + Plus Calculates the highlighted text and copies the result to the clipboard
Ctrl + Hyphen Soft hyphen
Ctrl + Shift + Minus Non-breaking hyphen
Ctrl + Asterisk Run macro
Ctrl + Shift + Space Non-breaking space
Shift + Enter Line break
Ctrl + Enter Page breaj
Ctrl + Shift + Enter Column break
Alt + Enter New paragraph
Left arrow Move cursor left
Shift + Left arrow Move cursor with selection left
Ctrl + Left arrow Go to beginning of word
Ctrl + Shift + Left arrow Select left word by word
Right arrow Move cursor right
Shift + Right arrow Move cursor with selection right
Ctrl + Right arrow Go to start of next word
Ctrl + Shift + Right arrow Select right word by word
Up arrow Move cursor up
Shift + Up arrow Select lines upward
Ctrl + Up arrow Move cursor to beginning of previous paragraph
Ctrl + Shift + Up arrow Select beginning of paragraph
Down arrow Move cursor down
Shift + Down arrow Select lines downward
Ctrl + Down arrow Move cursor to beginning of next paragraph
Ctrl + Shift + Down arrow Select end of paragraph
Home Go to beginning of line
Home + Shift Go and select beginning of line
End Go to end of line
End + Shift Go and select end of line
Ctrl + Home Go to start of document
Ctrl + Home + Shift Go and select start of document
Ctrl + End Go to end of document
Ctrl + End + Shift Go and select end of document
Ctrl + Page Up Switch between body and header
Ctrl + Page Down Switch between body and footer
Insert Insert on/off
Page Up Screen page up
Shift + Page Up Move screen page up with selection
Page Down Delete text to end of word
Shift + Page Down Move screen page down with selection
Ctrl + Del Delete text to end of word
Ctrl + Backspace Delete text to beginning of word
Ctrl + Delete + Shift Delete text to end of sentence
Ctrl + Shift + Backspace Delete text to beginning of sentence
Ctrl + Tab Next Automatic Word Completion suggestion
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Previous Automatic Word Completion suggestion
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + V Paste the contents of the clipboard as unformatted text
Ctrl + Ctrl + Shift + F10 Dock/undock the window
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Boost Your Productivity With LibreOffice Writer

You’ll be a LibreOffice Writer expert in no time if you use these keyboard shortcuts.

Do you need a little extra help? Then take a look at our hints for increasing your productivity with the programme, such as how to make it load faster and how to change the default file format.


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User Questions:

  1. What does LibreOffice come with?

LibreOffice comes with a number of applications, making it the most versatile Free and Open Source office suite available: Writer (word processing), Calc (spreadsheets), Impress (presentations), Draw (vector graphics and flowcharts), Base (databases), and Math (mathematics) are some of the software programmes available (formula editing).

2.What are the benefits of using LibreOffice?

Here are some of LibreOffice’s advantages over other office suites:

  • There are no licencing fees. LibreOffice is open-source software that anyone can use and distribute for free.
  • It’s free and open source.
  • Cross-platform.
  • Support for a wide range of languages.
  • User interface that is consistent.
  • Integration.

3.Is it safe to use LibreOffice?

LibreOffice is just as safe as other word processors like OpenOffice and Microsoft Word. You could even argue that it is more secure because it is open source and malicious code would be difficult to hide. With libreoffice, you are safer.

4. How can I learn to use LibreOffice?

How to learn to work with libreoffice? from libreoffice

5.So what’s your thoughts on LibreOffice 7.0 two weeks after release?

So what’s your thoughts on LibreOffice 7.0 two weeks after release? from linux