Chrome 95 improves secure payments, tab groups, and web apps

Chrome 95 improves secure payments, tab groups, and web apps

With all of the capabilities and applications that people have, web browsers have nearly become operating systems within operating systems. Some people have even begun to “live” on the Internet, or at the very least rely on Web apps for work and leisure. Being the most popular web browser on the market, Chrome has to stay up with these developments. Its recent version 95 release includes several new features aimed at increasing user productivity.

When it was enabled to Chrome’s testing channel in August, we saw the ability to preserve Tab Groups. Tab groups are becoming increasingly popular among desktop web browsers, and this new functionality should help users relax. They no longer have to worry about losing and recreating their groups when Chrome is closed because a simple option allows you to save those groups for later use.

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Despite the abundance of e-commerce apps available on our smartphones, some individuals prefer to shop and buy on larger screens such as desktops and laptops. Chrome 95 has a new Secure Payment Confirmation feature that expands on the WebAuthn standard by adding more information and authentication requirements to the typical popups when confirming a transaction to ensure users’ transactions are secure. As appealing as it may appear, it’s a Chrome-specific feature that will take time for banks and merchants to adopt before it becomes practical.

While much of the action occurs within browser tabs, web apps, particularly Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), are gradually becoming a popular way to engage with Web services. The current version of Chrome improves that experience by including an EyeDropper API for colour pickers in web apps and PWAs like image editors. PWAs are now listed as potential app handlers for specific URL types in Chrome, making them behave even more like native applications.

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Chrome 95 is now available in the stable release channel for PCs, but Android phones may take a while to upgrade. Chrome now supports the new Material You design language and theming engine, a special feature for Android 12 users.

Source: slashgear