Lenovo Thinkpad Not Charging When Plugged in


Lenovo Plugged in Not Charging? Try These Solutions to repair It [Partition Magic]

If you receive the “plugged in, not charging” message on Lenovo’s computer, don’t worry. This is often not a troublesome issue. Many users have solved this annoying issue with the methods below. Before trying these methods, you should learn the possible causes for the plugged-in not charging Lenovo issue.

Lenovo battery not charging error will happen thanks to various factors. For example, a faulty battery, missing or outdated battery driver can cause the battery not charging issue. Whatever, you’re ready to resolve Lenovo plugged in, not charging by using the subsequent solutions. 

Solution 1: Power Reset Your Lenovo Laptop

When the Lenovo plugged-in not charging issue occurs, you’ll try powering reset the pc to repair the difficulty. This solution has proven to be useful by many users who encountered this issue before.

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It is relatively simple to try to to. At first, cut your computer. Then, unplug your computer power line and take away the battery from your PC. Press and hold the facility button for about 30 seconds, then release it. By doing so, the left power within the computer will run out.

After that, lay your battery back and plug the facility cable into the pc. Now, activate the laptop and check if the device charges normally. If it still fails to figure, try other methods immediately.

Solution 2: Check Battery Threshold

If you employ a vantage program on your Lenovo computer, your computer may stop charging when reaching a particular percentage. For instance, it stops charging when charging 60%. If you encounter this problem, it indicates that a custom threshold is enabled on your computer.

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In this case, you ought to disable the edge or change it with these steps.

Step 1: attend the facility settings on your Lenovo computer.

Step 2: Select the custom threshold.

Step 3: close up the edge. Then, save the change that you made and reboot your computer. At this point, the Lenovo battery not charging is often fixed.

If you would like to understand that other issues and your battery, perform a laptop battery test to urge the solution.

Solution 3: Troubleshoot Potential Hardware Issues

When you encounter the laptop plugged in not charging issue on your Lenovo computer, you’ll attempt to check if you’ve got faulty hardware. Alternatively, you’ll detect and fix potential hardware issues. In this way, you’ll confirm that your hardware components work properly.

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Ensure that your power line isn’t damaged. If you encounter the Lenovo plugged-in not charging issue, unplug the facility cable and connect it to a different computer. If it works well, it indicates that the facility cable isn’t the error source.

A faulty AC adapter can cause the plugged-in not charging Lenovo issue. To exclude this possibility, you’ll replace it with a replacement AC adapter and check if the pc sets appropriately. If so, you ought to change an AC adapter.