Punk Wars Releases Its First Trailer Showing Off The Game

Punk Wars Releases Its First Trailer Showing Off The Game

Jujubee and programmer Strategy Forge have launched the first trailer for their forthcoming turn-based 4X strategy game Punk Wars. Place in another gloomy future in which society has dropped, four big forces have grown from the ashes it burnt in and have control over the manner life runs. You will need to manage those who restrain steel, steam, atom, and petrol within this punk-tastic battle at which you will have to help distribute their technologies and doctrine throughout the planet and battle for your survival. The business will soon be releasing an early-stage demo at no cost through the Steam Next Fest beginning on June 16th. However, until then, as the preview!

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Punk Wars tells the story of four fresh forces emerging in the ashes of a worldwide cataclysm and battling for domination over the ruins of a magnificent megacity. Become the highly effective leader of this messianic Steampunk team, the tenebrous Dieselpunk, militaristic Steelpunk, or technocratic Atompunk; every faction holds the secret to another branch of science, using another set of special abilities. Investigate the ruins of a cosmopolitan culture, where funds are scarce, and the risks are too prevalent. Build your infrastructure and technologies which can secure your success. Produce a winning plan and a playstyle for every faction, using their identifying abilities and components. Become the messiah of this new era and lead humanity to the age of happiness and prosperity… because you view it. Use one of those four successful businesses — Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Atompunk, or Steelpunk — and also then utilize its distinctive skill set to make it glory.

  • Investigate the mysteries of a destroyed, post-apocalyptic megacity.
  • Degree your units and participate in conflicts that can challenge your tactical art.
  • Boost your scientific, military, and industrial infrastructure, producing innovative supply chains.
  • Search, Optimize, and sensibly use the resources that are available to you.
  • Unite humanity and direct it into the new age of prosperity and peace!
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