How to Register Your Xbox One X Warranty for Free Repairs

How to Register Your Xbox One X Warranty for Free Repairs

Here we can see, “How to Register Your Xbox One X Warranty for Free Repairs”

  • You can receive free repairs if you own an Xbox One X or any other Xbox system.
  • You can register your warranty when you register your Xbox system with your Microsoft account.
  • By registering your Xbox warranty online, you can get free repairs for any problems.
  • The sole exception to the free Xbox repair rule is that the damage was not caused by a defect covered by the warranty.

There is a lot of excitement among gamers over the release of the Xbox One X. Everyone was eager to try out the new console and broadcast their findings to the globe.

Based on user reviews, Microsoft was correct to claim that the Xbox One X is the most powerful gaming console in the world.

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Don’t forget to register your Xbox One X console’s warranty on Microsoft’s official website if you recently bought one.

When you’re excited to test out the new console, it’s simple to forget to do that, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. That warranty will be useful in the event that you need to fix or replace your console.

Additionally, by registering a console for a warranty, you can avoid dealing with independent contractors who cannot replace the console. If something goes wrong, this free warranty registration should spare you the hassle and provide you peace of mind.

How do I register my Xbox One X’s warranty?

The steps to register your product are as follows:

    1. Get a Microsoft account for free. You need a free Microsoft account to register your new Xbox One X console.
    2. Create an account with Device Support.
      • If you haven’t registered your Xbox One X console, you cannot request a service for it.
    3. Navigate to All devices after signing into your Microsoft account.
    4. Choose Add device.
    5. The controller’s serial number is located inside the battery compartment under the bar code.

After registering your console, you can also view its warranty status. If your console is still covered by warranty, repairs are free.

Xbox One X issues

Numerous Xbox One X owners have already reported various problems, from black screens to erroneous shutdowns. Microsoft’s support teams typically recommended a console replacement as a solution.

Things like these don’t happen as frequently as one may think due to the large number of consoles that were initially introduced.

Even said, given that sales doubled in late 2017 and thousands of platforms are available to clients, these instances are still likely to be isolated.


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User Questions

1. Is Xbox free to fix Xbox?

To check the status of the device’s warranty, sign in at Device services if you’ve registered it. Repairs are free if they fall under the guarantee. You’ll be charged a repair fee if your equipment is no longer covered by warranty.

2. The Xbox One X has a warranty, right?

A one-year warranty is included with the console and is linked to it. Was this a helpful response? When you choose your Xbox One X console from the list after registering it to your account using this link, the warranty expiration date will be displayed.

3. Is a receipt required for the Xbox warranty?

A saved receipt is vital since a proof of purchase is necessary to receive warranty services. Most reputable retailers will be able to reissue a receipt for you if you lose it.

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4. Don’t forget to register your new Xbox One X warranty … – Reddit

Don’t forget to register your new Xbox One X warranty on the Microsoft website from xboxone

5. Remember to register your Series X warranty on the Microsoft 

PSA: Remember to register your Series X warranty on the Microsoft website. You can also de-register any old devices you don’t own any more. from XboxSeriesX