Kane Hodder plays Leatherface in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre game

Kane Hodder plays Leatherface in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre game

Kane Hodder, who played Leatherface on Friday the 13th, will play Leatherface in Gun Interactive’s Texas Chain Saw Massacre game.

According to the studio, the Texas ChainSaw Massacre multiplayer game from Gun Interactive will star Friday the 13th veteran Kane Hodder. The Texas ChainSaw Massacre was one of the surprise announcements at last night’s Game Awards, even though little is known about the project at this time.

Friday the 13th: Resurrection is an asymmetric multiplayer experience in the manner of Gun Interactive’s and IllFonic’s Friday the 13th: Resurrection. The Game, the next Leatherface film, will influence the original 1974 film Texas ChainSaw Massacre, hence the title’s strange “chainsaw” spelling. As the marketing materials suggest, the experience will be influenced by actual events, including those relating to Plainfield, Wisconsin perpetrator Ed Gein’s heinous atrocities. Surprisingly, speculations regarding a Texas ChainSaw Massacre game surfaced a few months ago, thanks to a Leatherface-centric domain name that directed people to Gun Interactive’s website. Even more, information is starting to pile up now that the cat is officially out of the bag.

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Kane Hodder, well known for playing Jason Voorhees in various Friday the 13th films, will play Leatherface in Gun Interactive’s The Texas ChainSaw Massacre, as he previously teased. In an exclusive interview with Hodder, Fangoria confirmed as much, with the actor stating that he tried to “make it reminiscent of Gunner [Hansen’s] performance.” In the 1974 picture, Hansen played the serial killer; in the 1990s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, Hodder played Leatherface’s stunt double. Given that Hodder reprised his role as Jason in Friday the 13th: The Game, it’s no wonder that he hopped on board Gun Interactive’s latest take on a classic horror property so swiftly.

Kane Hodder is a fantastic addition to Gun Interactive’s roster. As a result, once gamers get their hands on the Texas ChainSaw Massacre-branded multiplayer game, it’ll be intriguing to see how his performance translates to the digital world.

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This project is one of several asymmetric multiplayer games involving horror icons. In a way, Behaviour Interactive’s Dead by Daylight started it all in 2016, with Michael Myers making a cameo appearance in an October 2016 update. (The following year, Leatherface was added to the roster of killers.) Despite the game’s short-lived popularity, Friday the 13th: The Game increased the stakes in 2017. Predator: Hunting Grounds by IllFonic was launched in 2020 to mixed reviews, although it elevated asymmetric multiplayer to new heights.

Gun Interactive is presently working on The Texas ChainSaw Massacre, but no release date or platform information has been released.

Source: Fangoria