The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Will Be Revealed At The 2021 Game Awards

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Will Be Revealed At The 2021 Game Awards

The Game Awards 2021 announced that Gun Media would release a new game based on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, introducing Leatherface to the horror series.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre announced during the pre-show for The Game Awards 2021 would pit horror lovers against another famous fiend. The new horror game revolves around multiplayer gaming, with players dodging Leatherface as he hunts a farmstead with a chainsaw, similar to Friday The 13th. Leatherface’s design was initially shown in the teaser clip as he leered into the camera, displaying a horrifying and realistic manner comparable to Friday The 13th.

While there was no active gaming in the premiere, the setting of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game appears to be as isolated as Friday The 13th, with players most likely running around a farm from the original film. Because the game is based on a true storey, the horror components might incorporate a narrative drawn from the historical source material, contributing to the game’s atmosphere. While the trailer’s realistic graphics are atmospheric, it’s unclear whether the same pictures will be used in the actual game.

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre premiere hasn’t revealed how many players will be online at the same time or what the entire map will look like. Still, the game may feature over-the-shoulder gameplay similar to Friday The 13th, as well as multiple environments surrounding Leatherface’s farm. There is currently no information on what the main storey will be or if there will be an overarching narrative beyond battling Leatherface with friends. Outside of the premiere trailer, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s official website has few specifics at the moment but will most likely add more material in the following months.

According to the first trailer for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the game is verified to be based on the actual circumstances surrounding the creation of Leatherface and the films. This appears to hint that the game’s gameplay will incorporate historical data and inspiration from the original movie.

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While it’s plausible that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre may hit theatres in 2022, no official release date has been revealed in the video or on the game’s website. The game also lacks a list of possible platforms on which it will be released. It will most likely be available on PC, Xbox One S, and PlayStation 5. Despite the absence of specifics, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre will undoubtedly be a welcome addition to horror fans’ library, providing another chance for players to escape legendary horror monsters in cooperative settings.

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