how to install android on pc step by step

how to install android on pc step by step

Here we can see, “how to install android on pc step by step”

When people consider running Android on a PC, they often consider emulators. But today, I’m getting to show you ways to install Android as an entire OS on your PC truly. This has tremendous benefits over simply running an Android emulator on your desktop.

For one, the Android OS will be ready to take complete advantage of your system hardware. In contrast, an emulator shares CPU / RAM resources with the native OS environment. which suggests that Android apps and games will run flawlessly and buttery smooth on PC hardware when Android is installed as its OS.

Imagine all of your favorite Android apps and games running flawlessly on your 32″ PC monitor, with mouse and keyboard support. I shouldn’t explain how awesome this is often for games like Clash of Clans or Mobile Legends. If you’re already drooling at the bit, read on as I’ll walk you step-by-step through installing the Android OS on your PC.

Note: For this guide, I’m using Remix OS but have linked to other Android-for-PC options. But Remix OS is the best, in my opinion, and therefore the latest versions come pre-rooted, so you’ll immediately start installing all of your favorite root apps.


  • Android OS made for PC: you’ve got several options here – the foremost popular is Remix OS and Phoenix OS. you’ll also try x86 Project or OpenThos, except for this guide, I’ll be using Remix OS because it’s highly optimized for PC hardware compatibility.
  • A formatted USB drive with a minimum of 8GB storage (optional, for bootable USB method)
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.Exe Package Installation Method

There are two methods of putting in Remix OS. First, if you’re running Windows 7/8/10, you’ll use the .exe installation tool. Then, grab the 64-bit or 32-bit package from the Remix OS download page, launch the installation tool .exe, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Now, you’ll either prefer to install Remix OS to your HDD, which can allow you to dual-boot between Windows or Remix OS without a USB. Otherwise, you can install Remix OS directly onto a USB drive, creating a mobile OS, and you’d just got to boot from USB in your BIOS / UEFI menu.

Choose a hard disc or USB installation, counting on if you favor a dual-boot system or a mobile OS which will boot from USB.

When it’s done, reboot your PC and enter the UEFI boot menu. During the boot sequence, hit the right key to enter the UEFI menu: F12 for Dell, F9 for HP, F12 for Lenovo, Option Key for MAC.

Disable “Secure Boot” if it’s turned on, and choose Remix OS from the boot menu. That’s it!

Single-Boot USB Method

This method is for installing Remix OS as a single-boot OS. this suggests that Remix OS are going to be the only OS on your PC. this might sound pointless, but since Android is meant to run smoothly on devices with low amounts of RAM and CPU power, you’ll bring life back to an old desktop PC. People report Remix OS running buttery smooth on desktop PCs with as little as 1GB of RAM.

You’ll need software that will burn/write.ISO file to USB and make a bootable USB – I recommend Rufus.

You’ll also need a 3rd-party partitioning software that will partition your HDD from the boot, like Hiren’s BootCD. Burn the. ISO from Hiren’s BootCD onto a CD or USB. For creating a bootable. ISO on CD, use something like Free ISO Burner or IMGBurn.

For creating a bootable USB for Remix OS installer, use Rufus that I discussed before. In Rufus, confirm the following settings are enabled:

  • File system: FAT32
  • Quick format
  • Create a bootable disk using ISO image
  • Create extended label and icon files

Do not plan to create a bootable CD for Remix OS, albeit you made a bootable CD for Hiren. Use Rufus to make a USB!!

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Now boot your computer into the UEFI / boot menu, choose the drive for the Hiren BootCD you made, then choose “Parted Magic.” Launch GParted and make a replacement Partition Table and a replacement ext4 partition, using all available HDD space. Save/Apply and reboot your PC into the UEFI / boot menu again.

Now choose the USB drive containing your Remix OS installer. A Grub Boot Menu will appear, so press E on your keyboard when Resident Mode is highlighted.

Now set the boot flag to INSTALL=1. you would like to seem for SRC= DATA= CREATE_DATA_IMG=1 and alter it to SRC= DATA= INSTALL=1

An installer wizard will appear, so follow along closely now.

Choose the target drive for the OS installation – usually, it’ll be sda1.

Choose “Do not format” and comply with “install Grub Boot Loader.” Also, I prefer not to allow read/write permissions for the /system folder.

Press ENTER key, and therefore the installation will begin. Grab a coffee, and when it’s all done, reboot your PC. Now grab another coffee because the primary time booting Remix OS will take around a quarter-hour.

When it’s all done, you’ll be taken to the Setup screen, which is nearly exactly like turning on a new phone. You’ll select your language, user agreement, WiFi setup, activate your Google account, etc.

Enjoy your new Android OS on PC!

User Questions

1.Can I install Android on my PC?

If you want to run Android apps on your Windows computer, you ought to install BlueStacks. It is the easiest, slickest, most durable option. Within the future, the Android on Intel Architecture and Android-x86 projects may make Android easier to put in and use on a wider sort of hardware.

2.How to install Android on your Switch, step-by-step.

An RCM exploitable Switch console. Check here to ascertain if your device is exploitable. If you’ve got a more modern device, an exploit could also be possible on older firmware, but if you haven’t already set it up, you almost certainly updated to a too remake already. Read more here. (for non-RCM exploitable devices)

A jig or other method of triggering RCM. Here’s a couple of methods. Premade jigs are often found online.

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A computer. (Assuming a Windows PC for the needs of this guide)

A good USB-C cable that will hook up with your PC and Switch.

A top-quality, high-speed microSD card of a minimum of 16GB.

A way to read microSD cards on your PC.

3.Can I run Windows 10 on Android?

Windows 10 is now running on Android without root and a computer. So there is no need for these. In terms of functionality, if you’re curious, it works super well but can’t do heavy tasks, so it works great for surfing and trying out. to shut this, press the house button so it’ll be out.

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