Error Code 7 – Faulty RAM

Error Code 7 - Faulty RAM

Here we can see “Error Code 7 – Faulty RAM

Error Code 7 – what’s it?

This is a typical instruction that happens during Windows setup. To be precise, this error may pop on your display screen during the text mode portion of the Windows setup.

The setup hangs and stops responding, and therefore the error message is displayed in either one among the following formats:

‘The file I386Ntkrnlmp.exe could not be loaded. The error code is 7.’
‘The file I386L_intl.nlf could not be loaded. The error code is 7.’

Error Causes

Error 7 could also be triggered thanks to several reasons, but the two commonest causes for this error code are:

  • Incorrect settings of the BIOS
  • Faulty RAM modules
  • Registry corruption
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Further Information and Manual Repair

To resolve this error on your system, here are some easy and effective DIY methods that you can try.

Method 1 – Change Back the BIOS to its Default Settings

If the underlying explanation for error code 7 is said to incorrect BIOS settings, then it’s recommended to revive default settings to resolve.

You can reset your computer’s BIOS (basic input and output system) settings to factory defaults by selecting the restore defaults option within BIOS or by removing CMOS ( Complementary Metal Oxide Semi-Conductor) battery from your unplugged computer for about five minutes.

The battery removal method requires opening the pc case, so only attempt it if you cannot access BIOS.

To reset BIOS, follow these steps, reboot your PC, then press the key assigned to loading BIOS during your computer boot splash screen.

The key assigned to load and access BIOS varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but usually, it’s F1, F2, or F12. Once you enter the BIOS, select the ‘Restore Defaults’ option listed within the menu. I

T could also be a keyboard shortcut or be under the Advanced settings menu. Confirm settings, then exit BIOS. Hopefully, this may resolve Error 7.

Method 2 – Remove the Faulty RAM

When error code 7 is triggered by faulty RAM modules, to resolve it, remove the memory modules installed within the computer.

If the error code is displayed again after removing the memory module, remove a special memory module. This procedure requires you to reboot your PC several times to spot the particular memory module not working properly.

Method 3 – Repair the Corrupted Registry

Error code 7 is usually also linked with registry issues. If the rationale for the error occurrence may be a damaged or corrupted registry, then download Restoro.

This is a strong PC Fixer embedded with a registry cleaner. It’s easy to work with and user-friendly. The registry cleaner detects and removes all errors in seconds. It cleans the registry and repairs the damages in no time.

Click here to download Restoro.

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4. No changes to my computer; everything has been working fine; then tonight, as I attempt to start Media Composer 6, I keep getting Error 7 because the audio plugins attempt to load. Reboot, disconnected the web (I’m on a Dongle), nothing seems to figure.

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