How to Create, Edit, and View Microsoft Word Documents for Free

How to Create, Edit, and View Microsoft Word Documents for Free

Here we can see, “How to Create, Edit, and View Microsoft Word Documents for Free”

It used to be that to create, modify, or view a Microsoft Word document. You needed to have Microsoft Office installed. That is, thankfully, no longer the case. There are many free options for working with Word documents that you may receive from time to time.

Word Online

Microsoft’s Word Online is a cloud-based solution for working with Word documents. It’s part of the Microsoft Office Online package, and you don’t need a membership to use it. All you have to do is create a free Microsoft account.

  • The Word Online interface is quite similar to the desktop version of Microsoft Word, so if you’ve used Word before, you’ll be right at home.
  • Word Online documents are automatically saved to your OneDrive folders when you save them. Word Online is also integrated with the desktop version of Microsoft Word, and you may switch between the two with a single click.
  • All changes you make to one version are synced to the other automatically. You cannot, however, use the web app and the desktop app at the same time.
  • Real-time collaboration is also available in Word Online, allowing multiple individuals to collaborate on the same document simultaneously. This feature is available in Word Online, the desktop apps for Windows and Mac, and mobile apps. You can view and edit documents on the move using the iOS and Android apps, both free.
  • Besides actually using the desktop version, Word Online is probably your best bet for working with Word documents because it does a decent job of preserving the original formatting. It’s a fantastic tool for viewing and altering documents.
  • However, there are a few drawbacks. It only works if you’re connected to the internet; there’s no way to update a local file when you’re offline. Not all of the functions of Word’s desktop version are available, either.
  • All of the essential features are available, but you won’t be able to do things like add captions and bibliographies, develop or apply styles, or utilize advanced reviewing tools. If all of those things are already in the document, you can view them; you can’t edit with them.
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Printing on Word Online is limited, and you may not be able to fine-tune your prints as you would in the desktop software.

Google Docs

Google Docs It allows you to create new document files as well as collaborate with other users. You can’t work directly with a Word file in Google Docs by default. Instead, you must upload the file to Google Drive and open it in Google Docs, which changes the file to a Google Docs format.

  • That might be good for simple, primarily text documents, especially if you’re planning to use the document yourself. However, Google Docs isn’t great at preserving most of the formatting of a Word document.
  • Converting and then reconverting a document that you need to change and return to someone else who uses Word isn’t optimal.
  • The good news is that if you use Google’s Chrome browser, you can open Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) directly into their Google equivalents (Docs, Sheets, and Slides) without having to convert them.
  • The Chrome Web Store has a free extension called Office Editing for Docs, Sheets, and Slides, which is a little on the nose, but whatever.
  • Users of other browsers, meanwhile, are left out in the cold unless they can install Chrome extensions. If you need to edit Word documents on a semi-regular basis and wish to do so with Google Docs, Chrome might be worth installing solely for that.
  • Google Docs lags behind Word Online, but only power users would notice the difference in terms of features.

By default, Google Docs only works when you are connected to the internet. If you wish to view and edit files offline, you’ll need to install a Chrome extension that allows you to do so. Google has apps for both iOS and Android devices for mobile access. Offline file access and editing are available in both platforms’ apps.

Zoho Writer

If you don’t like Word Online or Google Docs but still want to work online, Zoho Writer is a free online word processor that allows you to import Word documents without converting them. The main drawback to Zoho Writer is that you can only upload Word documents less than 10 MB in size.

  • Most documents will fit in that space, but if you have something more significant, you’ll need to find another solution.
  • Zoho Writer supports all of the most recent Word file formats, and it does an excellent job of preserving the original Word file’s layout. The document can also be saved and exported in various other forms, including ODT, RTF, txt, HTML, ePub, and PDF.
  • Apart from the web app, Zoho also has Writer mobile apps for Android and iOS. Collaboration and offline editing are also available in both apps.
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Libre Office is a free software program.

So far, we’ve looked at a few free online Word document editing services. LibreOffice is a desktop application suite that offers a free and open-source alternative to Microsoft Office. It’s also a capable app. It’s not quite as feature-rich as Word, but it easily outperforms any of the online alternatives we’ve studied. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms.

  • While LibreOffice is primarily intended for local documents, it includes features that allow you to edit documents from afar.
  • Unless you’re a heavy Word user (in which case, you’d probably have Word anyway) or have very particular requirements, LibreOffice should be able to handle almost all of your editing needs.
  • It also keeps formatting and supports native Word formats, so there’s no need to convert. However, it can occasionally cause problems with image positioning in Word documents, particularly those written in recent versions of Word.
  • Although Libre Office has a mobile app, it is only available for Android and can only be used to view documents. Expect some glitches and poor user experience because the software is rough around the edges.

Of course, there are more options for editing Word documents, but these are the ones that we believe give the most comprehensive feature set. Please let us know if you have a preference for a particular application.


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User Questions:

  1. Is LibreOffice secure?

LibreOffice is just as safe as other word processors like OpenOffice and Microsoft Word. You could even argue that it is more secure because it is open source, and bad code would be difficult to hide. With LibreOffice, you are safer.

  1. Does Microsoft Word come in a free version?

Microsoft provides Office Online, similar to Google Docs, and all you have to do to access it is sign up for a free Microsoft account. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook are all free to use.

  1. Does Microsoft Word have a cost?

Word has never been free, except as part of a limited-time trial of Office, except the advertising-supported Microsoft Word Starter 2010. After the trial period expires, you must purchase either Office or a standalone copy of Word to continue using it.

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