Become a LibreOffice Calc Expert With These Keyboard Shortcuts

Become a LibreOffice Calc Expert With These Keyboard Shortcuts

Here we can see, “Become a LibreOffice Calc Expert With These Keyboard Shortcuts”

Look no farther than LibreOffice Calc if you’re looking for a free alternative to Microsoft Excel. It comes with all of the professional capabilities you’d expect from spreadsheet software.

You can use LibreOffice Calc to integrate real-time data streams, have several users working on the same page, and even open spreadsheets saved in Excel’s file format—ideal for collaborating with folks who don’t use LibreOffice Calc.

It’s critical to master all of the keyboard shortcuts available to you if you want to truly become a spreadsheet guru. This means you’ll be able to navigate, format, and input data more quickly, allowing you to complete tasks more quickly. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of LibreOffice Calc keyboard shortcuts for you.

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LibreOffice Calc Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + Home Move cursor to A1
Ctrl + End Move cursor to last cell with data inside
Home Move cursor to first cell of the row
End Move cursor to last cell of the row
Shift + Home Select from current cell to first cell of the row
Shift + End Select from current cell to last cell of the row
Shift + Page up Select from the current cell up a page
Shift + Page down Select from the current cell down a page
Ctrl + Left arrow Move cursor left of the current data range
Ctrl + Right arrow Move cursor right of the current data range
Ctrl + Up arrow Move cursor to the top of the current data range
Ctrl + Down arrow Move cursor to the bottom of the current data range
Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Select all cells containing data, in the direct of the arrow
Ctrl + Page up Move sheet right
Ctrl + Page down Move sheet right
Alt + Page up Move one screen left
Alt + Page down Move one screen right
Alt + Down arrow Increase current height row
Alt + Up arrow Decrease current height row
Alt + Right arrow Increase current column width
Alt + Left arrow Decrease current column width
Alt + Shift + Arrow Fits column width and row height based on current cell
Shift + Ctrl + Page up Adds previous sheet to current sheet
Shift + Ctrl + Page down Adds next sheet to current sheet
Ctrl + * Selects data range contained by the cursor
Ctrl + / Selects matrix formula contained by the cursor
Ctrl + Plus Insert cells
Ctrl + Minus Delete cells
Enter Move cursor one cell down
Ctrl + ` Display/hide formulas
Ctrl + 1 Open Format cells
Ctrl + Shift + 1 Two decimal places
Ctrl + Shift + 2 Exponential format
Ctrl + Shift + 3 Date format
Ctrl + Shift + 4 Currency format
Ctrl + Shift + 5 Percentage format
Ctrl + Shift + 6 Standard format
Ctrl + F1 Show comment
F2 Enter Edit mode
Ctrl + F2 Open Function wizard
Shift + Ctrl + F2 Move cursor to input line
Ctrl + F3 Open Define names
Shift + Ctrl + F4 Show/hide Database explorer
F4 Rearrange references
F5 Show/hide Navigator
Shift + F5 Traces dependents
Shift + Ctrl + F5 Moves cursor to Sheet area
F7 Check spelling
Shift + F7 Traces precedents
Ctrl + F7 Opens Thesaurus
F8 Enable/disable additional selection mode
Ctrl + F8 Highlight cells containing values
F9 Recalculate formulas in current sheet
Ctrl + F9 Update chart
Ctrl + Shift + F9 Recalculate formulas in all sheets
F11 Open Styles
Shift + F11 Create a document template
Shift + Ctrl + F11 Update the template
F12 Group the selected data range
Ctrl + F12 Ungroup the selected data range
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LibreOffice Is an Excellent Office Suite

You’ll be able to generate and manage spreadsheets with ease if you use these LibreOffice Calc shortcuts. These shortcuts are particularly useful when working with large spreadsheets since they allow you to concentrate on the data and calculations rather than fumbling with options.

Remember that LibreOffice also comes with various other office products, such as presentation software and a word processor. It’s entirely open-source and free.


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User Questions:

  1. Is it legal to use LibreOffice?

LibreOffice is free and open-source software that can be redistributed as long as the license is followed. However, if you want The Document Foundation’s official version, you should always get it from our website.

2. How good is LibreOffice Calc?

Overall, LibreOffice suites are quite stable, useful, and, with a little patience, in the beginning, are quite lovely to use, maybe even more so than Microsoft Office competitors.

  1. Does LibreOffice contain a virus?

If you’re seeking end-user support, please email with any inquiries that aren’t connected to a specific security bug. For example, if your virus scanner detects a virus in a LibreOffice download, it is almost definitely a false positive.

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  1. What is LibreOffice’s revenue model?

LibreOffice is a large program that requires a lot of effort to create. According to the project’s marketing plan [PDF], developers hired by “ecosystem companies” make roughly 70% of the improvements to LibreOffice; these companies pay about 40 people to work on LibreOffice.

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Spreadsheet lookup question from libreoffice