Some Older Kindle Devices Will Soon Lose Access to the Internet

Some Older Kindle Devices Will Soon Lose Access to the Internet

Older Kindle devices using 3G connectivity will lose access to the web for downloading new content later this year.

When Amazon first introduced the Kindle back in 2007, the planet of reading changed forever. We’re a couple of years on from that now, and we have got many new Kindle models. But some older Kindles are set to lose internet access later this year.

Some Older Kindle Models Set to Lose Internet Access

As first reported by The Verge, Amazon has sent some Kindle owners within the US an email, telling them their device goes to lose internet access soon. Within the email, Amazon explains that the devices will lose internet access later in December this year.

Amazon only sent the email to the owners of some pretty old Kindle models–we’re talking the first models. Only devices that use 3G rather than Wi-Fi will lose internet access.

The email details that the shift occurs when mobile networks remove 2G and 3G networks and switch entirely to 4G and 5G. It is also worth noting that this alteration only applies to US cellular networks and any Kindles within the US.

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Which Kindle Devices Will Lose Internet Access?

Only a couple of Kindle devices are getting to be suffering from this alteration. First and second-generation Kindles, the Kindle DX will all lose internet connection completely, as they believe a 3G connection.

The Kindle Keyboard (3rd Gen), Kindle Touch (4th Gen), Kindle Paperwhite (5th, 6th, and 7th Gen), Kindle Voyage (7th Gen), and Kindle Oasis (8th Gen) also will lose cellular access, but will still be ready to hook up with Wi-Fi.

While Amazon doesn’t continue to list them, any Kindle models newer than those won’t be affected, as they only require a Wi-Fi connection.

In the email, Amazon explained that you will still be ready to access any existing content on your device. Bear in mind; you’ll still be prepared to transfer books to your Kindle if you connect it to your computer.

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Fortunately, Amazon sent out a $50 discount code within the email. Users can use the discount on a replacement Kindle Paperwhite or Oasis and get $15 in eBook credits.

The End of the Road for Older Kindles

Even though Amazon explains you’ll still be ready to access the content already on an affected Kindle, the device loses most of its functionality.

Accessing new books regularly is a component of what makes the Kindle such a helpful device. And once it can’t do this, it’s no more valuable than an ordinary book.

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