Halo: Infinite Player Wins 100 Straight Free-for-All Games

Halo: Infinite Player Wins 100 Straight Free-for-All Games

Mint Blitz, a Halo player and YouTube streamer, achieves an incredible milestone by winning 100 consecutive Free-For-All battles in Halo Infinite.

A competent Halo Infinite player has won 100 consecutive Free-For-All Slayer matches. In addition, halo Infinite’s multiplayer was released ahead of schedule in November under a free-to-play basis, shattering Xbox records for the most continuous Steam users in the process. Soon after, Halo Infinite hosted the Fracture: Tenrai multiplayer event, which gave players the chance to try out the new Fiesta and obtain the samurai-style Yoroi Armor before it was permanently added earlier this month.

Since the game’s launch a few months ago, Halo Infinite players have had plenty of opportunities to do incredible maneuvers and feats of skill, especially with the new Grappleshot and Repulsor tools. Attempting Spartans have avoided death by grappling their way out of a trap, downed enemy WASP aircraft with well-aimed power cores, and even managed to fly long distances by hanging onto a Warthog that had been blasted into orbit by a Gravity Hammer.

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A seasoned Halo player, Mint Blitz recently produced a YouTube video documenting how he won 100 consecutive Free-For-All battles in Halo Infinite (via Game Rant). According to the Australian streamer, he was first challenged to win at least 50 FFA games in a row, but as the victories piled up, he believed that 100 was within reach. As a result, mint Blitz was able to win all 100 games in a row, with the lone “loss” coming from his computer crashing in the middle of the game.

Mint Blitz says that they would typically use Sniper Rifles in Free-For-All in previous Halo games. Still, the lack of sniper weapons in Halo Infinite’s version of FFA forced him to branch out using sticky Plasma Grenades and Ninja Medals to build up an impressive highlight reel of memorable kills and impressive wins. He also noticed that the Steam player base was down significantly when they played Halo Infinite, which they ascribed to technical troubles with the much-hyped Big Team Battle mode and a perceived lack of incentive to keep playing once the Battle Pass was completed.

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On the other hand, Mint Blitz credits his long winning streak in Halo Infinite Free-For-All to studying every facet of the game since its November release, including the Grappleshot’s potential and even finding an Easter Egg reference to Craig The Brute. His montage of 100 incredible Free-For-All victories is unquestionably a Master Chief achievement.

Halo Infinite is now available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Mint Blitz/YouTube (via Game Rant)