Xbox UK Introduces A Cozy Hat and Gloves Set For Your Controller

Xbox UK Introduces A Cozy Hat and Gloves Set For Your Controller

Xbox U.K. posted a series of photographs exhibiting certain controller attachments, including knitwear, in honor of the holidays and the winter season.

Xbox’s United Kingdom Twitter account recently shared a series of photographs of season-appropriate knitwear – for controllers, not gamers. After the launch of the Xbox Series X, which was frequently compared to a refrigerator, Xbox’s Twitter presence gained a reputation for being a little snarky and funny. As a result, Xbox joined in on the joke this year, releasing a real Xbox Series X Mini-Fridge.

Those hoping to get their hands on an Xbox Series X this year (rather than the mini-fridge version) may be lucky. Following a year of key consoles selling out in minutes or hours, a recent resupply of the Xbox Series X in the United Kingdom had available consoles for 24 hours after its release, which is a good indicator. The ever-elusive PlayStation 5 remained in stock, which was an unexpected development akin to the Xbox Series X.

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Xbox UK recently released various controller accessories ideal for the current winter season. The photographs in the tweet depict an attractive gray, white, and green knit hat with matching mittens meant to be worn by Xbox controllers, not humans. The series’ final image even shows a person clutching the controller while wearing no mittens or gloves. The controller’s outfit is certainly a cute and enjoyable sight to see, if an unrealistic investment, but the tweet does not indicate that the knitwear set is on sale.

Fans expressed their willingness to purchase the undeniably ludicrous Xbox controller hat and mittens combo, even though the tweet should not be taken literally. One commenter stated, “If only this could be purchased in real life. “Shut up and take my money!” said one user, while another elaborated on an animated GIF of Fry from Futurama pulling out a wad of cash and yelling, “Shut up and take my money!” A slew of controller and console accessories isn’t particularly useful but improves gameplay.

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Gaming in the warm comfort of your own home during the winter is a great way to pass the time, and thanks to an Xbox U.K. tweet, Xbox controllers can now do the same. Even though this product does not appear to be for sale, people skilled at crocheting or knitting gaming accessories will have no trouble making a similar (or identical) set. Some gamers are competent in the arts and crafts department. Some even croche their favorite in-game characters, such as those in Animal Crossing: New Horizons; thus, this may be a feasible assignment.

Source: Xbox UK/Twitter