GTA Online Oppressor Mk2 Griefer’s Sneak Attack Backfires

GTA Online Oppressor Mk2 Griefer's Sneak Attack Backfires

The attempted sneak attack on another player in a barbershop by one Grand Theft Auto Online Oppressor Mk2 Greifer backfires spectacularly.

One griefer’s attempt to attack a barbershop in Grand Theft Auto Online Oppressor Mk2 backfired in the most explosive way possible, all while a customer obliviously chooses a new hairstyle. From car heists gone wrong to city-wide alien invasions in GTA, Rockstar Games’ successful open-world online multiplayer spin-off has been the home of all kinds of wild stunts and crazy hijinks.

While many Grand Theft Auto Online players plan the perfect mid-air plane hijacking or multi-rooftop car jump, some of the game’s most bizarre events have occurred entirely by chance. Police have appeared out of nowhere inside fleeing criminals’ vehicles, entire groups of players have been transported to a single location, and one unlucky GTA Online player was cheated out of a brand new sportscar when a glitch negated his win at the Diamond Casino.

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In a brief gameplay clip from yesterday, Reddit user theycallhimmason chose a new hairstyle for their character in Grand Theft Auto Online. Another player arrives outside the barbershop on an Oppressor Mk2 hovercycle and attempts to launch a rocket from the doorway. However, this attempt at mass vehicular homicide backfires as the missile bounces off the walls and fires straight back at the Oppressor Mk2, resulting in a fiery explosion. At the same time, theycallhimmason continues to pick out a new hairstyle and presumably wonders about the sudden loud noise outside.

I’m just tryna get a haircut smh from gtaonline

Grand Theft Auto Online has become a successful fixture of Rockstar’s blockbuster crime sandbox franchise since its debut in 2013 as a multiplayer component of Grand Theft Auto V. Due in part to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and a free weeklong giveaway on the Epic Games Store last summer, the past two years have been especially fruitful for Grand Theft Auto Online. Grand Theft Auto V became one of the most profitable entertainment products in history in 2020 when a record-breaking number of new players signed up for the first time on the game’s servers.

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Part of the game’s success stems from the fact that anything can and will happen in the virtual world of GTA Online, whether it’s an incredible death-defying stunt or a player accidentally blowing themselves up in a prank gone wrong. This was discovered the hard way by the unlucky player who tried to attack theycallhimmason at the barbershop with an Oppressor Mk2. Still, for the millions of Grand Theft Auto Online players who log in every day, it’s just another afternoon in Los Santos.

Source: theycallhimmason/Reddit