Death Stranding PS4 Update Adds Save Data Transfer Ahead of PS5 Launch

Death Stranding PS4 Update Adds Save Data Transfer Ahead of PS5 Launch

The latest update for Death Stranding on PS4, Patch 1.13, added a save data transfer option just in time for the Director’s Cut release on PS5.

A new patch for Death Stranding’s PS4 version, Update 1.13, introduces save data transfers just in time for the Director’s Cut launch on PS5. As many can attest, save game conversions from PS4 to PS5 haven’t exactly entered a park for a few games. Moving files from Spider-Man PS4 to the remaster, as an example, requires users else up the older title, upload a save, then launch the PS5 remaster and download said save.

More recent titles, namely the likes of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, significantly simplified the info transfer process. Because of an update, the previous allows players to import PS4 saves natively to PS5 from the new-gen upgrade. the method for Ghost of Tsushima is similarly simple; goodbye because the title’s PS4 saves data within the PS5 system storage. Players need only pick the “Transfer PS4 Console Save” option within the Director’s Cut main menu. Unfortunately, Death Stranding doesn’t offer an equivalent level of seamlessness.

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On September 8, Kojima Productions unleashed Update 1.13 for Death Stranding’s PlayStation 4 version. As noted by Wccftech, the new patch, specifically, introduced a save data transfer option, which can work wonders for those that upgrade to or purchase Death Stranding Director’s Cut on PS5. to start the transfer process players must download Update 1.13 and visit the in-game Delivery Terminal. Opening the cuff links menu is the next step, followed by choosing “Export Save Data.” For the method to figure as intended, users cannot have any outstanding Orders ongoing for Sam. Players should be ready to retrieve their data once the Director’s Cut drops by using an equivalent PSN account.

Akin to the Spider-Man titles and several others, Death Stranding requires a touch of virtual legwork to succeed in its save data transfer process. But a minimum of fans of the latter can begin the upload a few weeks beforehand.

Update 1.13 arrived on an equivalent day because of the final trailer for Death Stranding Director’s Cut, which Director Hideo Kojima edited with PS5’s wide mode. The trailer runs over four minutes and length and features a couple of spoilers; thus, anyone who hasn’t seen the sport through to completion should watch at their own risk.

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Death Stranding is out on PC and PS4; the Director’s Cut hits PS5 on September 24.

Source: Wccftech