How to Fix Error 926 in Android?

Google Play Error 926

Here we can see “Google Play Error 926”

A couple of days back, I attempted to download a few of the programs from my android telephone, and it had been downloading easily. Still, a lot of sudden, a message popped up stating, “Program couldn’t be downloaded because of an Error 926“. I was astonished seeing this message I attempted once more. However, it revealed the identical message. I attempted a few days, but there wasn’t any indication of downloading the identical message around the display. I tried several approaches to fix the errors, and I managed to repair the error. There might be many individuals who may also be facing exactly the identical issue. Now, do not worry. This will show you a bit of a system to repair Error 926 from Android.

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Method 1:

This way is all about clearing the cache and also information from “Download Manager.” Follow the following steps for it:

  1. Proceed to Settings >> Proceed to Programs or Program Manager
  2. Visit ‘All programs‘ >> Locate Download Manager
  3. Open Download Manager
  4. Next, tap the clear cache and the nuclear info button
  5. Reboot your phone after performing this procedure.

Currently, visit the Play Store and check whether the program is downloading or not. It needs to be working fine by now and when this does not get the job done for you, try another method.

Method 2:

This way is also much like the above procedure. Merely clean the cache and information from “Google Services Framework.” To do this, follow the below steps:

  1. Proceed to Settings >> Proceed to Programs or Program Manager
  2. Visit ‘All programs‘ >> Locate Google Services Framework
  3. Open Google Services Framework
  4. Next, tap the clear cache and nuclear info buttons.
  5. Reboot your phone after performing this procedure.
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Hopefully, this technique will repair your error. Whether this method does not do the job for you, it is possible to try the third procedure, which has solved several errors, such as this Google Play Error 926.

Method 3: Reset the Google Play Store 

For Assessing the Google Play Store, you can adhere to the specified procedure.

  1. Proceed to Settings >> Proceed to Program Setting (In certain apparatus application setting is called as programs ).
  2. Proceed to, All of the Settings > >Locate the Google Play Store >> Clear all (Clear Cache, Clear Data).
  3. As Soon as You have clear what, Proceed and Force Cease the program
  4. After performing this procedure, reboot your apparatus and attempt to download the program.
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It must be working fine at the moment.

For several users, simply minding the “Download Manager” may resolve the error. I needed to reset “Google Services Framework,” too. Others needed to update the Google Play Store program. Hopefully, the issue is solved by today. Allow me to know which worked for you and everything you did, or in case you have any different approaches, then talk to us.