Galaxy S22 reportedly delayed to give way to Galaxy S21 FE

Galaxy S22 reportedly delayed to give way to Galaxy S21 FE

Galaxy S21 FE can’t hide anymore since it got people’s attention everywhere though we can’t say if it is good or bad. After hearing the rumors of cancellation, users were not surprised about the launch, but that’s not the end of it. They might get a spot in the market. Sadly the Galaxy S22’s cost has to be covered due to being postponed for a month. 

Samsung plans to set a launch date for the Galaxy S series flagship sooner than the past generation for the past 2, 3 years. At the beginning of this year, it was revealed that Galaxy S21 would be launched in the middle of January after two weeks. So we may expect the same things for Galaxy S22, particularly with no appearance of Galaxy Note 21. 

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SamMobile’s exclusive scoop states what will be presented in January is Galaxy S21 Fan Edition, and its a failure. If we observe Samsung, the mobile’s launch date in October was put to stop and postponed to much later day. So it may be in January, and there won’t be a special event on its own. 

This proposes the Galaxy S22 launch to postpone to atleast a month. That gets closer to MWC 2022 on February 28, back to Samsung’s used method for a few years back. This may cause harm to Samsung’s revenues and their manufacturing and retail partners. 

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Despite being rumors about their low mobile production, Samsungs strong hope in its Galaxy S21 FE raises curiosity. They may plan to clear out the stocks with low losses, and the limited Fan Edition mobile may act as a limited edition.