Galaxy S22 cases and batteries add to the bad news

Galaxy S22 cases and batteries add to the bad news

We’re still about four months far away from its expected debut, but most of the knowledge about the Galaxy S22 series has fallen into place. We are, of course, watching the standard upgrades to processors and a few internal components, but it’s starting to desire we’ll get a way of reminder with the Galaxy S22 and S22+. In contrast, the Galaxy S22 Ultra could be a head-turner, but not within the way that Samsung could be expecting it to be.

The Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ are leaked to be smaller versions of their predecessors. In trying to line a replacement baseline for its flagship series, Samsung may have decided to aim for a “mini” flagship on the acute end of the spectrum. This shrinkage has, in turn, forced it to also use smaller batteries, with South Korea’s safety agency confirming the three,700 mAh battery for the Galaxy S22 and therefore the 4,500 mAh capacity of the Galaxy S22+’s battery.

In terms of external design, the 2 phones were dead ringers for the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+ last year. SlashLeaks has revealed alleged cases for the 2 phones, and you almost certainly wouldn’t have even guessed they’d be the Galaxy S22 and S22+ unless you were told so. The 2 still have an equivalent Contour Cut Camera design on the rear, which gives the phones some identity.

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The Galaxy S22 Ultra also will have some visual identity, but it’d not be the foremost pleasing one out there. The camera bump will force case makers to possess a P-shaped cutout that doesn’t exactly look that elegant. It’s unique, mind, but not all unique things bring good impressions.

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Of course, these cases could be way off the mark, and we’re just counting on unofficial sources and renders. Samsung fans are probably hoping that the corporate won’t follow the iPhone 13’s footsteps as incremental upgrades go. But, the Galaxy S22 Ultra might be the Galaxy Note 21, which will be sorely missed this year, a minimum of in spirit and features if not in name only.