Fortnite Apologizes For December’s Outage With A Weekend of Power Leveling

Fortnite Apologizes For December's Outage With A Weekend of Power Leveling

As an apology for Fortnite’s prior server disruptions, Epic Games has announced a Power Leveling Weekend, which will allow players to gain more XP.

Epic Games has announced that players who participated in Winterfest would receive a weekend of boosted XP and a free Harvesting Tool pickaxe as compensation for the game’s servers coming down three times in December. Last week, Fortnite’s servers went down for about 8 hours, causing login, matchmaking, and other issues that rendered the Epic Games Store inaccessible to people seeking to play the Battle Royale game. While the matter was confirmed to be under investigation and the servers were restored, Epic Games faced outrage from gamers. Many requested Fortnite cosmetics as soon as the game was relaunched.

The game’s newest Chapter has launched, bringing new features, gameplay, and a brand-new flipped map that takes advantage of many of the game’s new elements. Players may now enter the free-to-play multiplayer game with a slew of new features, including characters, cosmetics, and new game mechanics like sliding and swinging, which allow players to move across the battlefield more fluidly than in other battles royale games. Epic Games is also considering expanding Chapter 3 with new features since a recent leak revealed that Fortnite would get a weather system upgrade next week.

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According to a recent announcement, Epic Games looks to be compensating users for the time missed due to last month’s troubles. The official Fortnite Twitter account has announced that Power Leveling will return this weekend. Experience will be supercharged from January 7 to January 10th, allowing participants to effortlessly gain higher XP and progress through Season 1’s battle pass. Additionally, individuals who logged into Fortnite during the recent Winterfest event will receive a fresh new pickaxe dubbed the Crescent Shroom before it becomes available in the Item Shop later in the season.

The Epic Games Store and Fortnite’s servers went down on three consecutive occasions, the first of which lasted five hours and left users stranded on the title screen or ejected from the Epic Games Store. All of the downtimes occurred during the previously stated Winterfest event, widely regarded as one of Fortnite’s best annual events. Winter-themed goodies such as gliders, back bling, harvest equipment, and exclusive skins are awarded to participants.

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Fortnite‘s newest chapter is off to a great start, and players can take advantage of the power-levelling Weekend before the upcoming 19.10 update, which is expected to arrive next week. In addition, season 1 of the game will end in March, so interested gamers can hop in over the weekend and max out their combat passes.

Fortnite is available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and PC.

Source: Fortnite/Twitter