Apple’s New Low-Cost iPhone Could Be Called the ‘iPhone SE+ 5G.’

Apple's New Low-Cost iPhone Could Be Called the 'iPhone SE+ 5G.'

In a few months, a new iPhone SE will be available. When it debuts, it may be known as the ‘iPhone SE+ 5G’. So what’s on Apple’s mind?

This year, Apple is rumored to release a new iPhone SE, and due to one credible insider, we already know what the phone will be called. The iPhone 14 series is now the focus of much of the iPhone rumor mill. According to reports, all models will have 120Hz refresh rates, a new 48MP primary camera sensor, and a bizarre hole-punch + pill cutout design for the Pro variations. However, in addition to the iPhone 14, Apple should produce a new iPhone SE in 2022.

The original iPhone SE was a great hit. It was released in March 2016 with the design of an iPhone 5s, the specifications of an iPhone 6, and a retail price of $399. Apple released the second-generation iPhone SE in 2020, a few years later. It was priced at $399 as its predecessor, but with updated specs and the iPhone 7’s body. In 2022, Apple is preparing to make a third attempt at the iPhone SE.

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For some time, rumors about an iPhone SE in 2022 have been floating. It’s expected to look almost identical to the current SE, except for a new processor and 5G connection. However, according to a fresh report, the phone’s moniker makes 5G support clear. According to supply chain specialist Ross Young, the 2022 iPhone SE will be known as the ‘iPhone SE+ 5G .’ according to supply chain specialist Ross Young. Yes, it is a strange name. The ‘+’ is reminiscent of Apple’s ‘Plus’ branding for larger iPhone models, although the iPhone SE should not be any larger than the present one. Furthermore, Apple’s last iPhone with cellular connectivity was the iPhone 3G, released in 2008.

In 2023, Apple will release a redesigned iPhone SE

Aside from the odd name, Young also confirms the fourth-generation iPhone SE reports. According to the consultant, the model will have a larger 5.7-inch display and “may be released in 2023 rather than 2024.” An iPhone SE Plus with a larger screen and a notched design, similar to the iPhone 13, has been rumored. Young is most likely referring to the 5.7-inch model. Waiting until 2024 for a revamped iPhone SE could be too late for the series, so let’s hope the 2023 timetable is more accurate.

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But first, we’ll have to wait and see what happens with the iPhone SE+ 5G. This year’s SE should be interesting — if not the most thrilling — because of the modest spec changes and the bizarre name. The iPhone SE+ 5G (or whatever it’s called) is expected to be released later this spring.

Source: Ross Young