Xbox Series X/S 512 GB Storage Cards Leak Through Retail Promos

Xbox Series X/S 512 GB Storage Cards Leak Through Retail Promos

According to an anonymous source, a new 512 GB storage expansion card for the Xbox Series X/ S from Seagate will soon be hitting the calls.

The news of an Xbox Series X/ S 512 GB storage expansion card has been blundered thanks to retail promotional photographs. Anteriorly, it was bruited that an Xbox Series X/ S 500 GB storage expansion card was soon to hit the call. The buzz appeared from a French retail canon and suggested a release date of November 14th. Now, it seems the word of a new storage card is valid.

Though praised for its speed, the 1 TB storage of the Xbox Series X is seen as slightest considering the storage took to run games. Popular games like Red Dead Redemption 2 need a minimum of 100 GB of space, while games like Call of Duty Vanguard take up a stunning 270 GB outside. The took storage for these games becomes more notable when considering the 512 GB storage size of the Xbox Series S. At roughly half the storage size of the Xbox Series X, the Xbox Series S forces nuts to either choose a limited quantum of games to play or buy external stuff. Presently, a 1 TB expansion storage card from Seagate is arguably the casual option on the request for an external storage. Notwithstanding, Xbox proprietors may be keen on chancing a nonvoluntary result that does not stretch their budget with its high request price.

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According to Windows Central via an anonymous source, a new 512 GB storage expansion card for the Xbox Series X/ S from Seagate will soon hit the requests. The website reported that they were transferred exclusive promotional stuff for the 512 GB card and that Seagate will perhaps be promoting their new card as early as the following week. With this news, it seems that the 512 GB card will appear in time for the 2021 holiday season. Tom Warren, an older editor at The Verge, corroborated this tip-off via his Twitter account. His tweet linked to the Windows Central article and included the snap of the promotional stuff.

With the possibility of a more affordable external magazine option, Xbox possessors will be pleased. A 512 GB magazine expansion card alone will double the magazine capacity for the Xbox Series S and add a nice cocoon of the magazine to the Xbox Series X. Some players before use the xCloud Streaming Service, which allows possessors to play over a hundred titles without downloading the game to their console, therefore saving space. But with this new storage expansion card, casual gamers may be swayed to cancel their subscription.

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The Xbox Series X and S were released in November of the last era, making the consoles under an age-old. Considering the consoles’ limited storage capacity, enthusiasts are hoping for Microsoft to release a new model. Their expedients are only fueled by rumors of upgraded Xbox Series X models debuting in 2022 or 2023. Until either, gamers will have to count on the xCloud Streaming Service or external storage options.

Source: Windows CentralTom Warren/Twitter