Windows 11 benchmark reveals security feature can affect performance

Windows 11 benchmark reveals security feature can affect performance

Considering Windows has been derided for decades because of its weak security, it’s no surprise that Microsoft is making safety a critical factor in Windows 11. It has made certain accouterments- grounded security features the fewest condition for upgrading to the coming big Windows release. While that sounds great in general, it seems that at least one aspect of those security measures may harm games running on certain Windows 11 PCs.

Safety certificate company UL, which also owns popular benchmarking tools like 3DMark and PCMark, revealed a surprising detail about Windows 11’s security features that Microsoft may have overlooked or didn’t bother mentioning. Unfortunately, it’s a detail that could hypercritically affect the gaming experience on Windows 11, which is also one of the pillars of the update. Even worse, there might be no way around this attribute, at least for now.

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According to UL, the VBS or Virtualization- A grounded Security system that Windows 11 devices may breed gaming performance to drop, a countable Windows 11 testers have reported. However, in hypothesis, VBS shouldn’t affect gaming since it focuses on a fully different aspect of the operating system. In a nutshell, it isolates a part of RAM from the rest of Windows 11 to securely host several security answers.

VBS, notwithstanding, isn’t even enabled on all Windows 11 PCs. Furthermore, UL states that only fresh installations of Windows 11 have it enabled. So that advancement from Windows 10 won’t see this VBS in action, which suggests it’s not a critical constituent for a fully functional Windows 11 system.

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Unfortunately, there isn’t a clear way to disable this VBS attribution that seems to be intended for enterprise systems. In the meantime, UL says it’ll be contemporizing its benchmarking software to determine whether VBS is present and enabled to acclimatize the scores for a fairer comparison with VBS Windows 11 PCs.