Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Almost Included a Cinderblock Melee Weapon

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Almost Included a Cinderblock Melee Weapon

A Call of Duty: Modern Warfare player posted their recent discovery that the computer game almost had a cinderblock as a possible melee weapon.

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The popular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare almost included a cinderblock as a functioning melee weapon. Activision’s 2019 computer game is the sixteenth installment within the Call of Duty computer game series and still caters to a lively fanbase.

In this battle royale title, where players must fight for their survival, the weapons are a central focus. Like other Call of Duty games, players use different weapons to defeat their enemies and emerge because the last one is standing. Standard in these first-person shooter games is the first weapons of assault rifles, SMGs, shotguns, LMGS, marksman rifles, and sniper rifles. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare also has secondary weapons like handguns, launchers, and grenades. However, the game almost had a more questionable weapon for melee.

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A Twitter user named ModenasHD posted their recent discovery that the computer game almost had a cinder block as a possible weapon. In their video, the player is seen inspecting the cinderblock then using it against a wall. One animation has the player swinging the cinderblock from side to side, and another animation shows the player slamming the cinderblock down on the wall. As acknowledged by Gamespot, the animation of the inspection is extremely finished-looking; the player is seen wiping the cinderblock and even rummaging through the 2 holes. This finished animation might suggest that the cinderblock as a melee weapon was cut out near the top of the games development process.

The discovery of this unused weapon and, therefore, its omission from the ultimate version of the game remains a mystery. Perhaps the cinderblock offered too few available perks–modifiers utilized in multiplayer modes to profit gameplay. For instance, the long-lasting Call of Duty perk Sleight of Hand that permits the player to reload a weapon faster when struggling wouldn’t work with a cinderblock just because a cinderblock doesn’t need to be reloaded. Another possible reason for not including the cinderblock within the final computer game could also be for the straightforward reason that the utilization of the weapon would be too brutal.

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Though the cinderblock was excluded from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, there’s always an opportunity that the unlikely weapon may find its way in future DLC or future games within the series. Fans may even see it appear within the upcoming Call of Duty: Vanguard, which comes out this November.

Source: ModenasHD/TwitterGamespot