Where is My Android


You can find a lost Android device using Google’s Find My Device service from its app or a browser.

On the Find My Device app or website, you’ll see the Phone’s location on a map, play a sound to locate it, or remotely erase the phone and reset it to factory conditions.

Losing your Phone are often a catastrophe, which is why both Apple and Google provide similar tools for tracking, finding, and even remotely erasing a lost phone. If you’ve got an iPhone, read our article on tracking its location. Google’s Find My Device works just about an equivalent way for Android phones. Here’s the way to use it to locate your misplaced or lost Android.

How to find your Android by using Find My Device

You can find your Android device using the Find My Device website or via Google’s Find My Device app (installed from the Google Play store) on a particular Android device that’s logged into an equivalent Google account.

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One word of caution: If you log into your Google account on a public computer or someone else’s PC to seek out your Phone, remember to use a browser privately or incognito mode and sign off once you are done.

  1. Start the app or attend Google Find My Device during a browser.
  2. If you’ve got one device, Find My Device should immediately zero in thereon instrument (or to its last known location when it had been previously powered on and connected to the internet). If you’ve got multiple devices, you’ll select the one you are looking for using the device icons at the highest of the page.
  3. additionally, to seeing the Phone on the map, you’ve got three options:
    • Select “Play Sound” to remotely command the Phone to play a ringtone sound. If the phone is turned on and connected to the web, it’ll play the sound no matter the Phone’s volume settings.
    • Select “Secure Device” to stop someone from accessing your Phone’s data. you’ll also display a message or telephone number on the lock screen to assist retrieve the device.
    • Select “Erase Device” if the Phone has been lost or stolen and you do not expect to urge it back. 
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This will wipe the phone and reset it to factory conditions.

How to make sure Find My Device is enabled on Android

Even if you do not recall turning on Google’s Find My Device service, the great news is that it’s probably already on – Google turns it on by default once you connect an Android phone to a Google account, so it should already be running from once you first found out your Phone. If you’ve got access to your phone, here’s the way to verify it’s enabled:

  1. Start the Settings app. 
  2. Tap “Google.”
  3. On Google’s settings page, tap “Security.”
  4. Tap “Find My Device.”
  5. On the Find My Device page, confirm the feature is turned – the button should be swiped to the proper.
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