How Do I Stop Pop Up Ads on My Android Phone?


How To Block Pop-Up Adverts On Android

Nowadays, most desktop browsers block pop-ups and unwanted advertisements as a matter of fact, but what about blocking on Android? Albeit you’re employing a smartphone, there are ways to dam annoying and sometimes harmful pop-up advertisements.

Blocking adverts is straightforward if you recognize the way to roll in the hay. Subtle differences are counting on which browser you employ, so here’s a step-by-step guide for everyone.

How to block pop-up adverts on the Android Browser

  1. Open the Android browser. 
  2. Open up the app’s settings. This is usually by the “three dots” (⋮) menu button but will vary by manufacturer.
  3. Press “Advanced“.
  4. Tick the ad blocker “Block pop-ups.”
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How to block pop-up adverts on Chrome for Android

  1. Open Chrome on Android.
  2. Open up Chrome’s settings by tapping the “three dots” (⋮) icon within the top right, then tapping “settings“.
  3. On the screen that exposes, scroll right down to “Site settings” and press it.
  4. Scroll right down to “Pop-ups” and press it to enable or disable pop-ups.

Alternatively, Opera for Android came with pop-up blocking built-in and switched on as default. It also features a rather innovative way of compressing pages to ensure your data allowance doesn’t get chewed through when out and about. you’ll download it freed from charge here.

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