WhatsApp Will Soon Let You Share “Best Quality” Photos and Videos

WhatsApp Will Soon Let You Share

WhatsApp beta now offers a new option that allows users to send videos and photos in “Best Quality.”

Everyone loves to use social media to share photos, videos, and even WhatsApp. A new feature in WhatsApp beta now allows users to share media in “Best Quality.”

WhatsApp will add a “Best-Quality” media sharing option.

WABetaInfo first discovered that the latest WhatsApp Android beta version (version has a new option for sharing media in “Best Quality.” This would enable users to send videos and photos in better quality than WhatsApp’s standard.

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We can see the new Photo Upload Quality option in WhatsApp beta. It is located on the Storage and Data page. You can choose to send images in Auto, Best quality, or Data Saver. The same option is available for videos.

It is not clear if the “Best Quality” option will allow images to be wholly uncompressed or reduced through lossless compression. WhatsApp currently uses lossy compression, which means that some quality is lost during compression.

It’s easy to notice the striking similarities between the image quality naming in Google Photos. Google’s photo storage platform uses the term “Best Quality” to store images at a higher rate.

Like any beta app, it is possible that these features may not be included in the final WhatsApp release. Although this feature is likely to be available in an alpha update of WhatsApp, WhatsApp may change its mind. Therefore, it is not known when this feature will be available to all users.

What will I notice about WhatsApp’s new option?

WhatsApp compresses images to approximately 2MB at the moment. So a mobile device can store around 3MB of original photos. It doesn’t sound that much, and most users won’t notice a big difference, especially when it comes to mobile phone photos.

The dedicated high-quality images files are what make the difference. The most popular high-quality image format is RAW, but iPhones with newer models can also shoot in ProRAW. Unfortunately, these formats lose the image information that produces a high-quality image.

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Although WhatsApp users won’t be sharing RAW files on the phone, this feature could benefit photographers who use WhatsApp Web or Desktop to send images to clients. However, it’s not known if this feature will be available on either platform.

WhatsApp Takes Images Seriously

WhatsApp’s new feature allows us to see a different approach to images. WhatsApp matches the features of other messaging apps that offer the same quality.