google chrome helper 2017

google chrome helper 2017

Here we can see “google chrome helper 2017

What are Google Chrome Helper and the way To Counter It?

It’s rather intimidating to witness the” Google Chrome Helper” being on the highest of the list within the activity monitor of your Macintosh. What’s more frightening is that it shows above 100% CPU usage ahead of it. So this google chrome helper is ultimately an enormous burden on your RAM, which makes it obvious to rule it out. Something this much of a commitment is unquestionably wreaking havoc on your CPU, especially when it’s not yielding out any positive productivity.

Well, one thing is noticeable immediately, and it’s the very fact that the Google Chrome Helper, which you witnessed within the activity monitor, is consuming an excessive amount of memory. So now, to release the memory, we choose how to rule out the google chrome helper. So let’s start from basically” what’s it ?”

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What is Google Chrome Helper

Google chrome helper may be a mysterious species, with numerous questions regarding its existence and identity within the google chrome help forums, it remains unanswered. Although tons of individuals are seen asking about this helper yet no satisfactory answer is given yet

As far because the question for its definition goes:-


One can explain it like all other web helper processes; it initiates with google chrome. The mechanism found out for the google chrome helper is that whenever some extension or plugin comes into play, it creates the google chrome helper. The more wings you run, the more severe this scenario gets until you starting hearing some weird noises beginning from your Mac; that’s when cooling fans start to kick in.

How Old Is Google Chrome Helper Problem?

It’s been around here for years. We will see people trying new solutions a day and still unable to work it all out (Don’t worry, we did, and that we will tell you ways shortly ). The strange part is people kept checking out” google chrome helper 2018″,” google chrome helper 2017″ and “google chrome helper 2019,” and still there was no official debug made for this. So it’s quite an old issue, been here for years.

How It Affects The Mac?

It affects the Macintosh in a very negative manner. As soon because it gets triggered on, it starts to consume CPU, or in other words, it starts to use the CPU, but heavily. The “Activity Monitor” menu within the Mac shows onto the highest of the list with 100% CPU usage.

Sometimes you see them during a couple. But, unfortunately, more of those shooting up within the activity monitor menu, and therefore the situation gets miserable.


Just just in case if you’re not conscious of how things can fail with a heated mac system, let me offer you some quick facts. First, it can burn down the motherboard of the one that you love, Mac. So it’s not safe to let it just overheat.

Well, as for now, it’s clear that google chrome helper by no means is a problem that should be forgotten or ignored; it must be tackled because it possesses more harm.

How To Kill Google Chrome Helper?

There should be how to kill this helper, which isn’t even helping in any way. There’s how which I even have found out, and it works fine till now. One thing is sure; there are two sorts of solutions I might be covering here. the amount one is to kill the google chrome helper and therefore the other one is to avoid its execution. If you open up your activity monitor and you see this google chrome helper popped up on the highest of the menu, then you ought to accompany killing google chrome helper. But if the scenario is different or once you are done killing it, you ought to incorporate some setting changes to form it never come.

So the first part of the equation is to kill it. Confirm that you simply are seeing google chrome helper in your activity monitor menu. This killing operation only works if you already are seeing the difficulty. If it does not appear in the least, then this solution won’t help. To confirm, the google chrome helper is exposed already, and it’s consuming an excessive amount of the CPU and killing this process wiped out straightforwardly. Follow me on this.

  1. Open up the Chrome browser; if you’re already surfing the web through the google chrome browser, excellent.
  2. On the right-hand top corner of the screen, you see three dots vertically connected. It’s the rightmost option on the screen in the highest corner. Three vertically connected dots are making a tiny line. Click thereon.
  3. Once you’ve got clicked thereon, a menu will appear with approximately 15 items to concentrate upon it one after the opposite.
  4. On that menu, select” more tools.”
  5. After clicking on the more tool, you’d subject to yet one more menu that might display around six different options. Thereon list, approximately on the 5th number is that the option of” Task Manager. ” Open that.
  6. On that task manager, you’ll see which tab or website or app or extension uses most of the CPU. As a rule of thumb, anything appearing onto the primary number of that task manager list will probably be the google chrome helper. as an example, let’s say I open up my task manager and that I see “Facebook” at the highest, and ahead of it shows that” Facebook” is consuming 100% CPU. So it means this Facebook is, In fact, the google chrome helper, which is draining your processing power. So what to try to do now? – move to step 7.
  7. Select the entity you found out at the highest of the list and kill it with the task manager with the end task. So that’s how you kill this helper thing that’s hiding before the other web app.
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Verification –

To check whether you’ve successfully killed this helper or not is to travel for a verification test. Just open up the activity monitor from your Macintosh and see if there’s still some google chrome helper thing. If it’s not there, then it means you’ve got successfully terminated it. If it’s showing there, then it means you’ve got killed by the incorrect web app. you ought to carefully repeat the method and check out to work out it precisely.

Once identified, kill it and check on the activity monitor. It’s relatively simple, but you’ll say it’s a thriving and trial method. Most people catch on wiped out their first try, but just in case you’re running low on luck, you would possibly feel the necessity to trigger it again. However, it’s easy and handy once you see it coming correctly in use.

How To Disable The Google Chrome Helper For Good?

As for now, we’ve successfully managed to kill the google chrome helper once it starts to wreak havoc on our device. Now we should continually advance, avoiding it within the future prompts. Killing it a day isn’t the right and most smart solution. For the first time, you’ll terminate it by the process mentioned above, but after browsing that, you should consider applying these settings to ensure that this nasty bug won’t come again and prey on your CPU usage.

  1. Open up Google Chrome and leave it there for the menu. Once you’re within the menu, attend “Preferences.”
  2. In preferences, go all the way down. Scroll down the maximum amount until you the” show advanced setting option. Click on “Show advanced settings” the primary item within the expanded advanced settings list is going to be “Privacy.”
  3. Click on the “Content Settings” under the main privacy menu. Therein content settings, search for the” Plugins” option. Once you’re successful in locating the plugin option, it must have a checkbox, or if the version is updated, it must be some new menu. it might be assailed” Run Automatically.”
  4. It would help if you got rid of the” Run Automatically” settings and choose the “Click to play” sets.

Once you’ve got done the settings mentioned above, it won’t be shooting up again and again, and because it does, it won’t burst up. Because many extensions, once they run within google chrome, they trigger this.

Since many extensions and web apps open up the instant we start to google Chrome, it makes the rooms for google chrome helpers to travel on a rampage.

With the press to play option selected, no extension would automatically start with the beginning of google chrome, ending in a lower number of attacks.

Remember, there’s no official solution for this( just like the slot machines at the casino, nobody knows what it’s and how it works ); however, we’ve two main tools. the primary one is to kill it, and therefore the other is to avoid it from exposure again and again. We hope that this text was helpful to you and for any queries, opinions, and suggestions, be happy to contact us with the comment section below.

User Questions

  1. “google chrome helper” using an excessive amount of CPU?

If you open the Activity Monitor and see that a process called “google chrome helper” is using an excessive amount of CPU, here’s how I fixed it:

I visited Chrome settings/content settings/Plugins and selected Click To Play for all plugins. (The default is Run Automatically.)

This fixed my problem. Now you’ve got to click whenever you would like to run a youtube video or other plugins, but it’s worthwhile. It stops those stupid Flash ads from loading, too, so that’s an additional bonus.

2. Issue 373923: Google Chrome Helper Process taking over >100% CPU on Macs

What steps will reproduce the problem?

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Open Activity Monitor on Mac
  3. Select CPU tab
  4. Find ‘Google Chrome Helper’ process 

What is the expected result?

Much but 100% CPU

What happens instead?

>100% CPU

On Mavericks and cougar OS

I was ready to reproduce this issue and had ~108% CPU Usage for ‘Google Chrome Helper’

3. How to make Google Chrome Helper not use the maximum amount of CPU

I’ve found solutions for this problem, but they don’t seem applicable now in 2017.

For some reason, Google Chrome Helper is employing many of my CPUs, and fans are going full blast. I found this link on Apple’s site that seems to assist everyone, but I can not seek it on my Chrome version. I even have an MBP running 10.9.5.

They mention to travel to Chrome > preferences > settings > show advanced settings > content settings (under privacy). Then click the ‘click to play button under the Plugins section. However, there is no plugins section; then, I can not undertake to repair the matter. I’m using Chrome version 56.0.2924.

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4. Google Chrome Helper (Renderer and GPU) takes up my CPU and assail the fan.

I’m on MacBook Pro 2017, and now (more often lately), once I have Google Chrome open, Google Helper (renderer and GPU) is hogging all the CPU processing power, and therefore the fan starts rapidly. Any ideas on how I avoid this?

5. Should I disable the Google Chrome Helper?

Chrome users can sometimes run into browser speed issues if there’s a problem between a plugin and, therefore, the built-in Google Chrome Helper feature. … So, if you’ve already tried several troubleshooting methods, and Chrome remains running slow, then it’d be a simple idea to disable Google Chrome Helper.