what is filerepmetagen malware

what is filerepmetagen malware

Here we can see “what is filerepmetagen malware

What is filerepmetagen?

FileRepMetagen [Adw] may be a potentially unwanted program detected by Avast antivirus. the doubtless unwanted program’s short form is PUP. The PUP programs mean we don’t need that program on our computer, but they still install it without our permission. Some PUPs contain Adware, Malware, and Trojan too. Most of the PUPs attack the installed browsers like IE, Chrome, Firefox, etc. File Rep Meta gen got installed on our computer using the bundling method.

FileRepMetagen is an Adware actually, which fetches and shows the Advertisement and unwanted redirection. Once FileRepMetagen pup gets into the browser, it can change any browser setting they need.


This hijacker usually spreads due to bundling. It means once you download a program that you want, it’s going to have rep meta gen included within the same download. Then, once you run the installer, most people wish to urge things done fast to persist with the default options. This will mean that everything within the download gets added to your system – including the hijacker! Unfortunately, FileRepMetagen malware is additionally included with the installer on some basic download websites.

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If FileRepMetagen is active on your computer, you’re likely to note a significant increase within the number of pop-up ads, banners, and underlined keywords. Don’t click on any of those since it will take you to more unwanted ad sites or push you into installing more stuff. Unlike many hijackers, FileRepMetagen doesn’t always change your homepage, so you’ll not realize that something is wrong until you begin seeing an entire load of ads on your screen.


As with other hijackers, the most straightforward way to keep yourself safe from FileRepMetagen is to take care online and keep your eyes open. For instance, only ever get your downloads from websites that are safe and obtain checked often. You’ll add more safety by using the “Detailed” or “Advanced” option once you install new software, though confirm you read the knowledge that’s shown carefully and be able to act if you would like to.

How to Remove FileRepMetagen Malware in Windows 10

Suppose your computer is infected or suffering from a potentially unwanted malware called FileRepMetagen Malware, which is detected by the antiviruses like AVG or Avast. In that case, this text helps to get rid of FileRepMetagen Malware effectively. PUPs or Potentially Unwanted Programs like FileRepMetagen Malware might steal some valuable and tip or data files from your PC or laptop.

These PUPS or Potentially Unwanted Programs, including FileRepMetagen Malware, are installed through some malicious websites or third-party applications to your browser and other weakly secured software installed on your PC or system. FileRepMetagen Malware may be a contagious adware program that affects and changes the browsers’ settings, shows too many cumbersome pop-up advertisements, and redirects users to varied websites consistent with the attacker’s need.

Common Reasons for FileRepMetagen Malware

FileRepMetagen Malware is appended to a number of the files or software which you download from some potentially dangerous download websites. These harmful downloaded files look so apt that you can’t even notice the FileRepMetagen Malware is installed parallelly while installing those downloaded files. One such notorious thing about the FileRepMetagen Malware is that, albeit you select manual installation of your downloaded file, this PUP finds its thanks to deceiving you and automatically gets installed.

Steps for safeguarding against PUPs like FileRepMetagen Malware

To prevent yourself from FileRepMetagen Malware and its likewise malware, you’ve got to carefully download your files only from the trusted and revered websites over the web. Preventing or precautioning yourselves against these harmful PUPs as FileRepMetagen Malware requires a high level of observation of the files to be installed with the installation bundle of your downloaded file.

Remove FileRepMetagen Malware in Windows 10

This guide to removing PUPs like FileRepMetagen Malware or uninstalling it from your Windows OS or system contains optional or inclusive ways to do so. In addition, you’ll use or apply for either manual or automatic methods to get rid of FileRepMetagen Malware.

Method – 1: Use Adware Removal Tool

Adware Removal Tool is an automatic tool that eliminates most of the doubtless dangerous malware and other adware programs from your computer and browser. Alongside most of the known adware and malware, Adware Removal Tool can successfully remove the FileRepMetagen Malware.

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Method – 2: Use Malwarebytes Anti Malware software

Malwarebytes may be a trusted antimalware and cybersecurity software that removes all the main malware, ad-related viruses, spyware, etc. One remarkable thing about Malwarebytes is that it can run concurrently with the default or installed antivirus software installed on your computer or laptop. Steps for using Malwarebytes to get rid of the FileRepMetagen Malware from your pc:

1) Malwarebytes are often easily downloaded from its official website, which is “https://www.malwarebytes.com/.”

2) After clicking on the Malwarebyte software’s downloaded installation file, you’ll witness a Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Setup Wizard, which will assist you for a straightforward installation of the Malwarebytes antimalware and cybersecurity software.

3) By using the Setup Wizard for Malwarebytes and clicking the specified number of “Next” buttons, you’ll have the Malwarebytes program successfully installed on your computer after clicking the ultimate “Finish” button.

4) Malwarebytes’ home screen is extremely intuitive. You’ll easily interact with Malwarebytes’ menu items that contain all the required options for scanning and quarantining or removing the malware and adware from your computer or laptop.

5) Malwarebytes’s “Scan Now” option will initiate an in-depth scanning of your system to see for any viruses and malware.

6) While Malwarebytes scans your computer for adware and malware, it transits through various scanning types, as you’ll follow by the below image. These scanning types include memory scanning, startup files scanning, filing system scanning, Heuristics Analysis, etc.

7) in any case, phases of Malwarebytes’ scanning are completed; it presents a screen that lists all the malware or infectious files present or installed on your computer.

Now to quarantine or altogether remove these malware program files from your pc, select the “Quarantine Selected” or “Remove Selected,” whichever option of Malwarebytes is out there or stated on your screen.

8) alongside all the infectious files, various malicious registry keys will now be quarantined or deleted by Malwarebytes.

Some of these malicious and infectious files need a reboot of your computer for successful elimination.

Now by clicking on the “Threat Scan” option within the Malwarebytes, you’ll double-check if all of your malware, including FileRepMetagen, is removed or not.

Note: If Malwarebytes free trial isn’t satisfying your needs, then you’ll choose Malwarebytes premium service, which handles all kinds of malware, adware, and harmful programs quite efficiently.

Method – 3: Use Google Chrome browser 

1) Open Customize and control Google Chrome or menu icon denoted by three dots in Google Chrome browser then choose Extensions under More tools category available within the selected Chrome Menu.

2) Now delete any infectious or potentially dangerous plugins and extensions, including the FileRepMetagen malware, from the list of extensions or plugins in Google Chrome.

3 ) Now, to eliminate these infectious threats that accompany various third-party search engines, open the three-dotted Customize and control Google Chrome menu, then attend Settings – > program – > Manage search engines.

4 ) Now delete all the suspicious and infectious program and toolbars which are harmful and unnecessary for your browser. You ought to only choose reputably and trusted programs like Google in your default search engine section.

5 ) Now hover over to three-dotted Customize and control Google Chrome menu, choose Settings, then attend the Advanced section. From the Reset and pack up part, select Restore settings to their original defaults to reset the Google Chrome browser. This resetting and cleaning of your Google Chrome Browser will ensure that the FileRepMetagen Malware is no longer active in your Windows system and browser.

Note: For removing the FileRepMetagen Malware from browsers aside from Google Chrome which are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc., you’ll follow almost similar ways or steps as described in the method 3 of this text.

User Questions


When I was trying to update my actual Iobit Malware Fighter Free version, I got a message from “Avast Free Anti Virus” that “the file Iobit-Malware-Fighter-Setup.exe was placed to their Virus Vault, because it had been infected with FileRepMetagen malware.” Would you please suggest what action should be taken to urge a clean download?

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  1. Avast reports FileRepMetagen (malware) when installing okayfreedomwr.exe

the Windows Explorer context menu of okayfreedomwr.exe with Avast Premium Security, I wanted to undertake it out for testing; I got OkayFreedom VPN from this year’s Chip Advent Calendar. Then I tried to start out installing this file. Still, it didn’t even happen because Avast reported: “We moved okayfreedomwr.exe to your virus container because it had been infected with FileRepMetagen (malware)” (see also a screenshot). I even have examined it that only Avast and AVG recognize these because, with the Emsisoft Emergency Kit that I exploit as an add-on, there was no report during this regard.

3. Is FileRepMalware dangerous?

If the safety threat is real, FileRepMalware isn’t the foremost dangerous malware out of the bunch. Security researchers say that the malware is merely capable of putting in adware on the infected PC and has no trojan capabilities.