Verizon throws one more surprise to the LG Wing

Verizon throws one more surprise to the LG Wing

LG’s retirement from the smartphone market was not unexpected, but it was nonetheless disappointing. Many fans were left hanging, and a few fantasies were left unsatisfied. LG, for example, would have produced the industry’s first rollable phone, but this will never happen. Although the firm promised it wouldn’t forsake existing phone owners right away, its ability to stay on top of things hasn’t exactly been encouraging. However, an unexpected update gives LG Wing owners one final present, likely the last one it will ever receive.

The LG Wing is possibly the pinnacle of LG’s audacity, creativity, and craziness all at once. It had already tried the second screen solution to the phone screen size issue, so it opted to take a different path. The end product was a quirky, one-of-a-kind, and most importantly, unforgettable smartphone.

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Unfortunately, those are likely to be its only redeeming qualities. We mentioned in our review how its swiveling screen gimmick worked effectively, but only with the small number of apps that took advantage of it. The LG Wing was a flop in practically every other way, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t have its supporters and owners.

LG doesn’t appear to have forgotten about them, at least not yet. Verizon, the phone’s official US partner, has released an essential Android 11 upgrade for the device. It doesn’t detail the adjustments made on top, but the Android upgrade alone is significant.

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Regrettably, it is also really late. LG Wing will be available in 2020, using Android 10 as of 2019. LG stated that there would be three Android updates, not three years. The phone should, in principle, acquire Android 13 at some point. LG isn’t exactly known for its quick and reliable software updates, so that guarantee is a touch dubious.

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