How to Set Up a Vpn on Arris Modem

How to Set Up a Vpn on Arris Modem

Here we can see, “How to Set Up a Vpn on Arris Modem”

  • If your Arris modem/router supports VPN client mode, you can create a VPN account to enable secure VPN connections for all of your household devices.
  • If your Arris router only supports VPN server mode, you’ll need to buy a different router to set up VPN clients. You can use Arris as a modem on the plus side by setting it to bridged mode.

If you’re unsure how to set up a VPN on an Arris modem, we’ll walk you through the process.

However, you must first comprehend the distinction between a modem and a router. A modem is a piece of hardware that connects your home network to the Internet.

Meanwhile, a router is in charge of allowing your home network’s gadgets to communicate with one another without using the public Internet.

It also routes queries from the modem to the correct intranet device. A VPN can be set up on a router rather than a modem.

You need a premium VPN subscription and an Arris router that supports VPN client mode.

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How do I set up a VPN on my Arris router?

    1. Register for a PIA subscription.
    2. Log in to the Client Control Panel on the PIA website.
    3. PPTP/L2TP/SOCKS Username and Password can be found by scrolling down.
    4. Make a note of your Username and Password*.
    5. Ascertain that your Arris router is linked to your modem.
    6. The Arris router admin panel can be found here.
    7. Use your admin account to log in.
    8. Check the Enable PPTP Pass-Through box on the Firewall tab.
    9. Select PPTP from the WAN Setup tab.
    10. PPTP Configuration
      • Enable PPTP is checked.
      • Set Account to the cloned PIA User.
      • Set and confirm the PIA Password you copied with the Password**.
      • Write*** in the Server Address field.
      • Leave the rest of the options blank.
      • Apply the changes.
    11. Check your IP address with Google to see if it has changed.
    12. Secure browsing, torrenting, streaming, and gaming are all available!

*If you’re concerned that your PPTP login credentials may have been compromised over time, select Regenerate Username and Password to change them.

**Make sure you’re not trying to use PIA login credentials instead of PPTP credentials.

***This is merely an illustration. Please feel free to search the PIA network for more VPN servers.

What about Arris TG1672G VPN setup?

You will not be able to configure a VPN on an Arris TG1672G router. Instead, you can use it as a modem by setting it to bridge mode, buying a VPN router, and connecting to a VPN client through it.

For example, if you have NordVPN, look for NordVPN-compatible VPN routers and purchase one to use with your custom-built Arris modem.

You won’t have to configure the Arris modem to accept VPN this way because you’ll be using the new router instead.

Why install a VPN on your Arris router

Installing a VPN on your Arris router may seem daunting, especially if it requires acquiring a VPN router because your current equipment does not handle VPN client connections.

Because your router is constantly on, your VPN connection will be available at all times. As a result, all connected devices will have constant, uninterrupted online protection.

A VPN account also restricts the number of simultaneous connections. PIA, for example, allows for ten connections.

That means ten devices can connect to PIA’s servers simultaneously using the same VPN account.

However, the VPN account limit for router configuration is irrelevant if you need more devices because it only counts as one connection.

If your Arris router offers 200 connections, VPN can be used by 200 devices.

More importantly, you won’t have to worry about IP or DNS leaks if your Internet connection stops, as the VPN client’s kill switch will usually protect you.

Because your Arris router will reconnect to the VPN automatically once your Internet connection is restored.

Are there any downsides?

Using a VPN on your Arris router comes with a few minor drawbacks. If you want to change the VPN server address, you must go to the router’s admin panel each time.

Furthermore, all devices will share the same VPN server. If one person wants to unblock Netflix UK and another wants to unblock Netflix US, they won’t be able to do so at the same time because they’re both using the same VPN server.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Is it possible to set up a VPN on an Arris router?

Is It Possible To Use VPN On An Arris Router? A VPN does not require the installation of a modem. Only an Arris VPN client-mode router with a premium VPN subscription is required.

2. How can I set up a VPN on my Arris modem?

Change the type of connection to PPTP from the WAN configuration settings on your Arris. Verify that the PPTP server is active after it has been enabled. Use the VPN credentials in both the username and password sections. Fill up the VPN server address that you want to use.

3. On an Arris router, how do I activate VPN passthrough?

    1. On the Login page, you’ll see: a. In the Username area, type admin. b. 
    2. Select the Firewall tab from the top menu. The page for Firewall Settings appears.
    3. On the Firewall Settings page, do the following: a. Check the box to enable IPsec Passthrough if you want to connect with an IPsec client. b.
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