Valve’s Steam Deck Has Sold Out Until 2022 (At the Earliest)

Valve's Steam Deck Has Sold Out Until 2022 (At the Earliest)

Are you thinking of grabbing one of Valve’s handheld gaming rigs? Well, think again; they’ve all gone, so you will have to attend.

So, Valve’s new Steam Deck is avai… ah, why are we bothering? The Steam Deck sold out within about 30 seconds of pre-orders going live. As usual, pre-orders were a mad scramble, with websites imploding left, right, and center.

Valve’s Steam Deck Sells Out in Seconds

As everyone expected, pre-orders for Valve’s new Steam Deck performed well, with the handheld PC selling out practically as soon because it went live. You’ll confirm this yourself via the Steam Deck Pre-order page at

The ordering system survived Sunday, July 18th, following a tweet from Valve to tell everyone of such. This caused a huge scramble, which saw the console selling until Q1, 2022 for the bottom model, and Q3, 2022 for the NVMe models.

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In turn, this left many excited gamers with a disappointed look on their faces and many dollars still within the bank. Unfortunately, like any tech nowadays, if you didn’t bag a pre-order within the first round, then it’s looking like you will have to attend.

Valve has stated that it’ll send order invitations out by December 2021, so if you didn’t get a pre-order, then you’ll still be in with an opportunity of getting one. Just don’t hold your breath.

What Is the Valve Steam Deck?

Valve finally revealed the Steam Deck on July 15th, 2021. it’s a handheld gaming PC with plenty to shout about. On paper, it’s fantastic, and this writer, for one, is extremely jealous of anyone who secured the device at the pre-order stage.

It comes in three models. the bottom model is $349 and comes with 64 GB eMMC storage. The mid-tier model is $529 and features a 256 GB NVMe SSD. the highest-tier model boasts a meaty 512 GB SSD.

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It features a 7-inch touch-sensitive screen, joypad-style controls, and you’ll boost the storage with a micro-SD card.

We’re watching an AMD Zen 2 CPU in terms of internals, alongside AMD’s RDNA 2 GPU powering the graphics. You get 16 GB DDR5 RAM, so you’re good to travel as far as portable PC gaming goes.

The great thing about the device is you’ll also dock it and hook it up to a monitor to be used as a gaming PC when you’re reception. The official dock also comes with the advantages of an Ethernet port for hard-wired online play, a generous bonus once you want to play via a stable internet connection.

Did You Claim a Steam Deck Pre-Order?

If so, you’re lucky to possess a secured one. Unfortunately, like the PS5 and Xbox Series X launches, buying or reserving anything now are often a real struggle, with many people missing out because of order numbers.

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Hopefully, December will bring a couple of more lucky Steam Deck owners into the fold. Let’s hope the console is as successful because the hype would have us believe.