iPhone iOS 14.7 and iPadOS 14.7 released: MagSafe Battery Pack and Apple Card Family updates

iPhone iOS 14.7 and iPadOS 14.7 released: MagSafe Battery Pack and Apple Card Family updates

Apple has released iOS 14.7 and iPadOS 14.7, the newest versions of its software for iPhone and iPad, complete with MagSafe Battery Pack support and Apple Card Family credit limit combination. The latest update also adds new features to HomePod and fixes around Dolby Atmos playback from Apple Music.

Quietly launched last week, the MagSafe Battery Pack is Apple’s official rechargeable battery for the iPhone 12 series. Tapping into the MagSafe magnetic accessory platform that the iPhone 12 launched, it clings to the rear of the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max and adds a top-up charge.

It’s not the essential portable battery within the world, indeed, but if you’ve been lamenting your iPhone 12 mini running out of charge too rapidly, the $99 accessory might be enough. With iOS 14.7, Apple adds features sort of a dedicated battery gauge for the MagSafe Battery Pack within the iOS center – even as it already offers for the Apple Watch and AirPods, if connected – and therefore the ability to try to reverse wireless charging. If the battery add-on is in situ, you’ll plug the iPhone in via Lightning, and it’ll recharge the MagSafe Battery Pack via Qi, too.

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iOS 14.7 and iPadOS 14.7 also launch new Apple Card Family features. So, for example, you’re now ready to combine the credit limits of multiple people within the same family but who so far have had individual Apple Card accounts. That way, purchases made by, say, couples can contribute to a shared credit score.

The Home app is being updated to feature support for managing timers on HomePod, while within the Weather and Maps apps, there are now new air quality information data. That’s already been present within the US but is now being added for Canada, France, Italy, Netherlands, South Korea, and Spain. In Podcasts, the library can now be set to point out all shows or only followed presentations.

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As you’d expect, there also are some bug fixes in iOS 14.7 and iPadOS 14.7. for instance, in Apple Music, the share playlist menu option – which had disappeared for a few users – is now restored. In addition, Dolby Atmos’ lossless audio playback in Apple Music has also been fixed, after some listeners reported that it might cut out unexpectedly sometimes.

For those with an iPhone 11 precisely, the battery service message which Apple says could have disappeared after the phone was rebooted has now been restored. Meanwhile, Braille displays – that “could show invalid information while composing Mail messages,” Apple says – have also been fixed.

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If you’ve got an iPhone or iPad that’s eligible for iOS 14.7 and iPadOS 14.7, you ought to see a prompt to put in the new software over the subsequent few days. Alternatively, you’ll install it manually by heading to Settings > General > Software Update.