How to Fix Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Bugs on Pc

How to Fix Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Bugs on Pc

Here we can see, “How to Fix Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Bugs on Pc”

As the name implies, T.A.B.S., or Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, is a battle simulation game.

It uses ragdoll physics, and the player is in charge of strategically placing his forces on the battlefield.

T.A.B.S. is in public alpha on Steam right now, with a 20-mission story and a sandbox option. There will be more stuff uploaded in the near future.

Even though the game is still in early access, several gamers have already pointed out flaws in the game on various Steam threads. During gameplay, there have been some crashes or lock-ups.

Other important game components that need to be refined include gaming units that don’t work as they should. Let’s get started. We’ve compiled a list of the most frequent bugs we’ve found so far.

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Common TABS bugs

1. Ranged units bugs

Many people have pointed out that ranged units don’t normally fire, leading to bizarre circumstances like archers shooting above other units’ heads but doing no damage.

i tested this with Muskets and Poachers I seen the archers shoot arrows over there heads, after a while they would hit but it would take a while. Also I seen 2 Muskets take out 6 Archers because of this, so please fix this error.

2. Loading error 3:0000065432

Some individuals have reported this type of problem during their playthroughs. It appears to be related to the Steam client’s failure to function properly.

i got the same thing after the new update. i tried a couple things, but it still doesn’t work.

3. Game crashing

There have been instances of the game crashing at random times while playing. Some people have crashes while exiting the game, while others experience crashes while in the middle of combat.

For me, the game ALWAYS crashes on exit. This is a new problem since the last patch. But OTOH, the patch did solve a lot of random crashes during play, so now nearly the only crashes I get are on exit.

4. Slow framerate

When a game starts to drop frames, no one enjoys it. Although not ideal, some athletes have found themselves in this predicament.

I opened the game as usual but when i started playing something went wrong, the game was stuck on slow motion. I have reinstalled the game couple of times already and et the game is still buged.

Let’s go ahead and try some fixes now that we’ve looked at the bugs at hand, shall we?

How to fix TABS game issues

Fix T.A.B.S game crashes

If you’re having problems with the game freezing or locking up, try forcing it to run in DirectX 11. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

    1. To get started, go to your Steam Library.
    2. Right-click the game and choose Properties from the menu.
    3. Click Set Launch Options on the General Tab to open a dialog box.
    4. Click OK after typing -force-d3d11 in the dialox box at the end of the target string.
    5. Run the game after closing the Properties window.

Fix TABS error 3:0000065432

Corrupted Steam library files could cause this issue. This approach works just as well for any glitching units you may come across in the game. Follow these steps to perform the examination:

    1. Start Steam;
    2. Right-click on the game in your Library area and choose Properties from the menu;
    3. Click the Verify integrity of game files button on the Local files tab;
    4. Steam will now verify the files in your game;
    5. When it’s finished, start T.A.B.S.

TABS Framerate drop fix

Try installing the most recent drivers for your graphics card. Disabling vertical sync is another useful solution for reducing graphics tearing.

If you still experience ripping while playing T.A.B.S. after this, we recommend turning on vertical sync in your game options. Alternately, you can go from a higher to a lower detail option.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How can I get a Totally Accurate Battle Simulator to work again?

Try reinstalling the game, restarting your machine, and setting an exception in your antivirus software for TABS. Before starting the game, unplug your controller (as well as any other devices such as a racing wheel or joystick).

2. Why aren’t TABS working?

If you mistakenly hit some keyboard combinations, your Tab key may be disabled; therefore, you can try pressing the keyboard combinations to enable the Tab key. The combinations differ from one keyboard to the next and from one system to the next. So, if you know how to enable the Tab key, you can just try it out.

3. What causes a computer to lag?

A sluggish PC can be caused by various difficulties, including data corruption, corrupted files, insufficient disk space, and faulty software. A slow machine can be sped up using a few Windows utilities.

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The bug DLC isn’t showing up from AccurateBattleSim

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