The Walking Dead: Empires Brings Blockchain Into The Zombie Franchise

The Walking Dead: Empires Brings Blockchain Into The Zombie Franchise

Gala Games, AMC, and Ember Entertainment collaborate on The Walking Dead: Empires, a cross-platform isometric RPG that will feature blockchain technology.

The Walking Dead: Empires, a new game from Gala Games, AMC, and Ember Entertainment, is the first in the popular zombie franchise to use blockchain technology. Over the years, several games based on the TV show (which was based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book series) have been released. One recent example is The Walking Dead: Survivors, a new mobile strategy game released early this year for iOS and Android.

Unfortunately, many of the franchise’s new games have received little fanfare or critical acclaim, such as The Walking Dead: Onslaught, released last year. The Walking Dead episodic adventure games from Telltale Games, which are now defunct, were popular and critically acclaimed and are considered among the best Telltale games.

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Gala Games, releasing The Walking Dead: Empires on its blockchain gaming platform, revealed the new game at its Galaverse event. The Walking Dead: Empires is a cross-platform survival MMORPG, according to Gala Games, in which players will construct a plot of land, gather supplies, build bases, and defend the territory against both zombies and other players. People will also be able to buy “Dead Claims,” which will allow them to claim land plots before they are released. The Walking Dead: Empires’ release date and platform have yet to be announced by Gala Games.

The Walking Dead: Empires appears to be an isometric RPG with at least a few characters from the TV show based on the teaser images (Michonne and a character resembling Rick Grimes are seemingly included). The game will also allow players to own their characters and territory using blockchain technology, a selling factor for games like the highly profitable Axie Infinity. On the other hand, Gala Games has yet to comment on this, as well as the other aspects of the upcoming game.

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The Walking Dead: Empires is the newest addition to the rapidly expanding market for blockchain games. This year and for the foreseeable future, the new type of video game is rapidly becoming the most popular in gaming, owing primarily to the possibility of players earning money from them. Even Ubisoft has jumped on the NFT bandwagon, an announcement that did not go down well with the gaming community and industry. Furthermore, some platforms, like Steam, have outright banned blockchain games, but this may change in the future.

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