how to install the google play store on an amazon fire tablet

how to install the google play store on an amazon fire tablet

Here we can see, “how to install the google play store on an amazon fire tablet”

Amazon Fire tablet also referred to as Kindle Fire, maybe a cheap tablet you’ll buy on Amazon. These tablets are great to make your smart home controller dashboard and manage all of your smart home devices from them.

In this blog post, we already talked about the way to turn your tablet into a home automation controller. However, most of the time, we might install Android Apps and have access to Google Play services. For example, Amazon’s Fire Tablet normally restricts you to the Amazon AppStore. But because the Fire Tablet is running an Android-based OS, we will also install the Google Play Store and access Android Apps.

Installing the Play Store in your Fire Tablet

Step 1: Enable apps from unknown sources

To do so, attend Settings > Security and enable “Apps from Unknown Sources”. This may allow you to put in APKS downloaded from the web.

As the PlayStore isn’t available within the Amazon AppStore, we’d like to download it from the web.

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Step 2: Download the APK file to install the PlayStore

We would get to install some packages to run the PlayStore properly in our fire tablet. You’ll download the app files from this trustworthy source. Download all of them on your tablet.

  1. Google Account Manager Apk
  2. Google Services Framework

If you’ve got the 2017 Fire HD 8, download this Google PlayStore version

Step 3: Install the APK files you downloaded

APK files are going to be stored under Docs > LocalStorage tab > Download

Tap on every file we’ve downloaded. Again, the order is vital so install files within the same order it’s within the previous step.

Remark: If the “Install button” is greyed out, lock the tablet and unlock it. It should address orange; then, you’ll keep it up to installing the APK file.

Step 4: Turn your tablet into a home controller

After installing the google play services, an icon will show up on the desktop. Open it. It’ll update within the background, so maybe it’ll appear as if it’s slow at the start.

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User Questions:

1.Can you get a Google Play store ablaze tablet?

Unfortunately, fire tablets don’t accompany Google Play because Amazon has the app store that it conveniently calls Amazon Appstore. … That software is predicated on Android, though, which means it’s possible to “sideload” Google’s Play Store onto it. It isn’t an arduous process, and you ought to be up and running in 10-15 minutes.

2.How am I able to install the play store on an Amazon Fire Tablet?

Trying to download the play store, but it won’t continue my Amazon Fire Tablet. And I search it abreast of Google n it told me that I even have to download some files, so I did, and that I didn’t work so I keep it up searching…and it still doesn’t work so I saw this website and that I thought maybe you guys could help me with my problem so please help me with my problem, please! Because I want to download the Google play store cause Amazon Appstore doesn’t show or have the games, I would like to download it.

3.How do I install the Google play store on my Amazon Fire HD 10?

As you’ve discovered, Amazon put blocks into the Fires that keep them from working with the Play Store because Amazon only wants to permit you to use their own Amazon App Store.

Yes, some instructions attempt to get around that. But, they will be difficult to use and should not work as Amazon releases updates that seem to shut those paths.

4.The ultimate guide for installing the Google Play Store on Amazon Fire tablets

The ultimate guide for installing the Google Play Store on Amazon Fire tablets from kindlefire

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5.How to install Google play store onto your Fire tablet

How to install Google play store onto your Fire tablet from kindlefire