The OnePlus 8T Concept Phone Can Change Colors


The newest OnePlus 8T Concept is like nothing we have ever observed in the smartphone world.

We see lots of inventions in the Android area. Organizations are always on the lookout for ways to make exciting and new phones. OnePlus is a pioneer concerning discovery, particularly when it has to do with its theory of telephones.

The organization produced a post on the OnePlus Forums displaying a new device known as the OnePlus 8T Concept, which comes with a color-changing rear panel.

Have a Look at the OnePlus 8T Concept

The OnePlus 8T Concept employs a technology named Electronic Color, Material, and End (ECMF) using a color-changing movie. With this technology, metal beams change under different voltages. Therefore whenever the metallic oxide strikes, the color of the glass varies from grey to blue.

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The tech also utilizes mmWave to transmit and receive electromagnetic waves, and that’s how it can read data from the consumer and alter colors at particular times.

As a color-changing cellphone is trendy, OnePlus really broke down some possible ways this technology can be helpful. The telephone could be utilized to offer touchless notifications. It might flash colors for an incoming phone, and users can take or reject the phone with a gesture.

The technology could also utilize mmWave technology to track an individual’s breathing and change colors in sync, effectively making the telephone a biofeedback device.

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Too Bad It Is Only an Idea

Regrettably, this is only a theory phone. Therefore we may never find the technology employed in a publicly accessible apparatus. However, you will never know. OnePlus may choose to launch a phone with it, which may be extraordinary.