OnePlus 9 Pro Media Storage app bug eats up too much storage space

OnePlus 9 Pro Media Storage app bug eats up too much storage space

The OnePlus 9 Pro is arguably among the more noteworthy premium smartphones this year thus far, one that didn’t accompany unnecessary gimmicks or costs. Of course, it’s far away from perfect, especially once you consider some drama around its performance and availability, but it remains one among the simplest bang for buck options today. However, one new issue is causing users some concern because the phone strangely runs out of space for storing for no reason in the least. Fortunately, it’s going to be a software bug that needs OnePlus acknowledgment and fix.

Sporting the simplest hardware within the smartphone market so far and flaunting Hasselblad’s name, the OnePlus 9 Pro nearly scored a perfect ten in our review. Performance was almost on par with other phones on its tier (more thereon later). Therefore the camera output deserves that special branding, making the phone feel well worth the selling price, albeit it’s a tad high for OnePlus.

It wasn’t without its quirks and controversies, of course, starting with the undisclosed performance throttling. Then there’s the absence of the OnePlus 9 Pro base model within the US, forcing buyers to settle with the lone $1,069 premium configuration. So now there’s another thing owners need to deal with, but hopefully, it’s something that a fast software update can fix.

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According to Android Police, owners of the OnePlus 9 Pro, including the publication’s own Artem Russakovskii, noticed that their phones were suddenly running out of space for storing, which consequently caught up the device’s performance. The OnePlus 9 Pro’s usual diagnostic tools didn’t reveal the culprit, but further investigation pointed the finger at the OnePlus Media Storage app. the precise reason for the errant behavior remains unknown. Still, it seems that clearing the OnePlus Gallery app’s “Recently Deleted” folder frees up much of that space.

It’s quite perplexing how this bug suddenly popped up out of nowhere, but it could have snuck in alongside a current system or app update. Curiously, there was also an identical but unrelated report that Xiaomi’s Gallery app kept an ever-growing cache of photos even after being deleted. OnePlus still hasn’t skilled all the reports, but they’re probably already conscious of the difficulty considering how widespread it seems to be.

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