The Nokia X20 is the company’s first model to have Android 12

The Nokia X20 is the company's first model to have Android 12

HMD Global made lofty promises when it took over the Nokia phone brand, promising to provide a superior software experience than the big OEMs. The corporation used vanilla Android on almost all of its smartphones, even going so far as to use Android One on some of them. As a result, HMD Global would bring out updates more quickly, especially when it came to major version upgrades. The company’s track record isn’t exactly comforting, but at least one mid-range phone is delivering on that promise.

If you ask Nokia fans, they’ll reluctantly acknowledge that HMD Global hasn’t released a flagship product exactly. The corporation could be aiming for a distinct demographic, similar to Motorola, which focuses on new countries. HMD has inundated the market with a bewildering array of phones, which could be one of the reasons for its lackluster software update performance.

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The corporation eventually provides, but security patches aren’t always delivered on time. HMD’s record on big Android upgrades, such as those from Android 10 to 11, is even worse. It even announced the delay of its Android 11 rollout a few months ago without explaining the change of plans.

At least with the Nokia X20, which was released earlier this year, the company appears to be making up for a lost time. The phone isn’t the company’s newest or best, so hearing that it’ll get Android 12 ahead of any other Nokia-branded Android phone is shocking. Given that the X20 is a lower-mid-range handset, it’s even more surprising that it’ll get Android 12 ahead of more expensive smartphones from other manufacturers.

This does place the organization in a better light, especially compared to its competitors, who have greater resources and manage fewer phones. For example, OnePlus, a former fan favourite is gradually losing favour, especially following a botched OxygenOS 12 rollout for the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro. Still, if HMD Global wants to stay in the race, it needs to ramp up the pace and enhance its processes.

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Unfortunately, this good news for Nokia X20 users may sting those who bought the Nokia 9 PureView, one of the few recent Nokia phones that deserve to be called a flagship. HMD Global declared defeat and shelved plans to upgrade the phone to Android 11, blaming Light’s unusual penta-camera setup in the process. However, the company’s other phones aren’t as unusual, so there are fewer reasons not to upgrade them more frequently.