Android 12L Beta 1 is now available: Big screen features for everyone

Android 12L Beta 1 is now available: Big screen features for everyone

Google today published Android 12L Beta 1, the most recent version of Android, allowing all intrepid Android-running smart device owners to view the future. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this software, but it is the first time it’s been made available through the Android Beta program to anyone willing to try it. The Android Beta website and Google’s developer portal both have this program version.

This software serves as a bridge between Android 12 and Android 13. This general-purpose operating system upgrade provides functionality and features tailored to large-screen devices and devices with transforming displays. Android will not overlook foldable and rollable display devices!

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You’ll notice a new taskbar for simple app switching if you’re evaluating this program on a device with a large screen. With this new taskbar, the user can also drag and drop apps for split-screen mode capabilities. The user interface on large-screen smartphones has also been improved, emphasizing usability for the overview, lock screen, fast settings, notifications, and home screens.

This new software is designed for smartphones with huge screens. Android developers were provided APIs and tools to “assist in developing large-screen applications.” Material patterns for wide screens, Jetpack Compose for flexible UI, Window Size Classes for UI management, Activity embedding APIs, a resizeable emulator, and visual linting in Android Studio were highlighted (with Android Studio Chipmunk).

You don’t require a large-screen device to participate in the Android 12L Beta program. The devices that will run the Android Beta for Pixel software can be found on the Android Beta for Pixel website. This Android 12L Beta version should run on almost any Pixel 3a or newer device.

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You can sample Android 12L Developer Preview right now if you own a Lenovo Tab P12 Pro. Right now, you may sign up for the Lenovo P12 Pro Android 12L Developer Preview Program. Security Patch 2021-11-01 and Android 12L DP1 are included.

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