The New Apple Watch App Allows You To Surf The Web On Your Wrist

The New Apple Watch App Allows You To Surf The Web On Your Wrist

Browser is an Apple Watch app that lets you use your wrist as a full web browser. Despite its shortcomings, it is currently the best option.

Browser is an app that lets you use your Apple Watch as a full web browser. Apple enabled a secret web browser for the watch several watchOS releases back. However, it was only accessible when a user received a URL in the Messages app and a few other locations throughout the OS. Apple forbids users from manipulating or changing the URL. Thus the hidden browser is constrained in other ways as well.

While most people won’t miss having a web browser on their wrist, having the choice is still good. Apple’s implementation is good for the most part, given the Apple Watch is designed to be a glanceable device rather than something that should be worn for extended periods. In actuality, this is most likely why the Apple Watch lacks a full version of the Safari software that can be accessed from the home screen.

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The browser might answer individuals who desire a complete web browsing experience. Browser is a $0.99 Software Store app that simulates a whole browsing experience on the wrist. It allows users to enter web addresses or search the web, according to 9to5Mac, albeit adding a bookmark requires opening the companion app on an iPhone. The programme has a few flaws, according to 9to5Mac, including sites with unique fonts fetching ordinary fonts. Images may not load in some circumstances, and there is presently no way to go back and forth within the app. You’ll need an iPhone with iOS 15 or later and an Apple Watch with watchOS 8 or later to use Browser.

Browsing While Wearing Your Wrist

Overall, Browser appears to be the ideal tool for anyone looking for a complete online browsing experience on their wrist. It may be beneficial for individuals with a cellular Apple Watch, but it still works over Bluetooth when in range of an iPhone. Whatever the case may be, the software is significantly more functional than Apple’s smartwatch app.

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Given that the Apple Watch Series 7 includes built-in native support for a QWERTY keyboard, users of the company’s latest wearable are expected to profit even more. For example, instead of needing to scrawl or dictate the URL or search query, Series 7 customers will type it indirectly. This is not the case with prior Apple Watch models.

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