Marvel’s Spider-Man Player Makes Fun of the Avengers Clumsy Web-Swinging

Marvel's Spider-Man Player Makes Fun of the Avengers' Clumsy Web-Swinging

A player hilariously recreates the slow and clumsy web-swinging from Marvel’s Avengers by cutting off Spidey’s momentum in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

One Marvel’s Spider-Man player reproduced the slower web-swinging mechanics from Spider-cameo Man’s in Marvel’s Avengers to hilarious effect. When it first arrived on the PlayStation 4 in 2018, Insomniac’s take on Marvel’s most renowned hero was hailed for a variety of reasons, including how it handled Spider-trademark Man’s ability to swing around the streets of New York City on a tiny thread of spider silk. Insomniac would improve these features even further in the 2020 spin-off Spider-Man: Miles Morales, allowing players to jump, flip, and soar through the air with a level of speed and fluidity rarely seen in the video game medium previously.

In Marvel’s Avengers, on the other hand, Spider-web-swinging Man’s is much slower and more mechanical, with Spidey’s webs appearing to attach to an invisible ceiling due to a lack of tall structures and players needing to see the wall-swing-and-flip crawler’s animation play out in full before starting another swing. This latter aspect makes maintaining a stable pace when web-swinging nearly impossible in Marvel’s Avengers. While some players have praised developer Crystal Dynamics’ version of Spider-Man, others prefer the sleeker and faster transversal brought up by Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man series. Even latest Spider-Man’s arrival as part of Fortnite’s new Chapter 3 Battle Pass has been praised as superior to Marvel’s Avengers, with gamers remarking how fluidly Spider-Man can web-swing about the newly-flipped Island.

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J-jay510, a Reddit member, recently mocked the clunky web-swinging of Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers by reproducing it in Marvel’s Spider-Man. J-jay510 purposefully stifles Spider-momentum Man’s while swinging across New York in a short gameplay video posted to r/SpidermanPS4 (via Game Rant), holding onto each swing longer using Spidey’s web zip to prevent them from building up any speed between swings. Even though J-movie jay510’s is a small exaggeration of the web-swinging mechanics present in Marvel’s Avengers for humorous effect, some players who enjoyed the transversal in Marvel’s Avengers considered J-video jay510’s to be at the very least amusing.

Web Swinging in Avengers Be Like from SpidermanPS4

The web-swinging mechanics of Spider-Man are far from the only contentious aspect of Marvel’s Avengers, which has struggled to win over gamers since its release last August to mediocre reviews. Due to poor sales of Marvel’s Avengers last year, publisher Square Enix reportedly suffered a significant financial loss, and Crystal Dynamics was recently at the centre of a new backlash when it was forced to remove paid consumables from Marvel’s Avengers due to concerns that it would encourage a pay-to-win system. On the other hand, Crystal Dynamics is still committed to adding new missions, outfits, and playable heroes to Marvel’s Avengers, with Senior Brand Manager Nick Edwards promising a new DLC plan for the game in 2022.

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Players have criticized Spider-web-swinging Man’s in Marvel’s Avengers, especially in comparison to the more fluid mechanics in Marvel’s Spider-Man and Fortnite. While fans may debate whether these comparisons are fair given Marvel’s Avengers’ burden of accommodating an entire team of heroes rather than tailoring its mechanics around one specific character, at least some players, such as J-jay510, can find humour in pointing out where Marvel’s Avengers fails to portray Spider-most Man’s famous ability.

Source: J-jay510/Reddit (via Game Rant)