Telus Error 38

Telus Error 38

Here we can see “Telus Error 38”

Three steps to Repair your Telus mistake 38

If you have Telus mistake 38, look at these three simple steps.

Step 1: Assess your policy.

Wireless network signal strength may vary by location because of a range of distance from the closest cell tower and barriers in the surroundings.

In case you’ve got low signal strength, consider moving to a place with greater policy. Steel and concrete buildings might interfere with the reception, particularly in lifts and underground places such as hurricanes, subways, and even tunnels.

Check our policy channels to guarantee our community covers you.

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You might even set a call from the phone to any amount. If you can generate a call, you have re-established your connectivity into the community. Undelivered text messages will be sent in minutes.

Step 2: Restart your apparatus.

Often messaging problems can be repaired simply by restarting your phone. Like restarting a computer, it will help clear minor glitches, frequently solving a variety of difficulties.

So turn your phone off and on again.

If your device has a detachable battery, remove the battery and place it back before turning your phone again.

Step 3: Assess your device settings.

Assess your blocked spam and number blocking settings in your device

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Spam filters and blocked amounts might cause your device never to display text messages in specific amounts. You can check spam and blocked preferences by following the instructions below:

Shared Android Settings

  1. Proceed to the Messages program
  2. Select Menu
  3. Select Settings
  4. Select Spam configurations


  1. Proceed to the Messages program
  2. Select Menu (3 vertical dots)
  3. Select Blocked contacts


  • Select Settings
  • Select Phone
  • Select Blocked

Clearing the messaging program memory

Some devices may experience glitches Because of a sizable history in the messaging program.

On the Apple apparatus, deleting any communications and messages conversations will help with some problems.

On Android, You May Also clear the messaging program cache (normally seen in Preferences > Programs, then Choose the messaging program and Crystal Clear cache )

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Notice: The TELUS system will shop and endeavor to send the text messages into the phone as much as five times. When the messages aren’t sent after five days that the system will delete them.