can t send message with airtel error 38

can t send message with airtel error 38

Here we can see “can t send message with airtel error 38”

Airtel SMS not functioning following SIM change, Not Able to Send or Receive SMS

If your airtel sim is not getting SMS, send SMS from airtel prepaid, and the airtel SMS not functioning following a sim change. Thus, don’t be concerned about it may occur if any of those motives happen that’s bellowed.

Reasons, even should airtel SMS not functioning.

Here Forged can occur to Postpaid and Prepaid customers of Airtel:

Reason 1:

In case of airtel SMS not functioning following sim change. I mean to state the same system and same amount but a brand new SIM. Then you won’t be in a position to Send or Receive SMS for your title for part of safety in Airtel.

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Therefore, after 48 hours, you won’t have the ability to get or send some SMS if you’re employing a new sim.


It’s possible to telephone Airtel Customer Care and find out if you’ll have the choice to start to receive and send SMS messages in the mobile system.

In Easy Words, if you have a 4G SIM substitution to your Airtel flexible amount, you won’t profit or send some SMS around two days.

You’ll be unable to send SMS from airtel paid beforehand and Postpaid.

Reason 2:

Airtel would shut the incoming SMS messages in your cellular number if you didn’t send some SMS or info from the cellphone in the six weeks.

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Request them to empower SMS Services and restart your cellphone to send SMS by phoning Airtel Customer Care.

Reason 3:

Your Airtel SMS Center Number may be incorrect, right SMS Center Number of Airtel into the Regional Area.

Reason 4:

The timing of your cellphone can be incorrect.


Assess Your cell phone apparatus Time and Date, and yet a different way is to place your SIM on another phone. If it works, then the issue is with your cell phone.

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The reason why I hope to Obtain Any SMS on Airtel,

  1. You can not obtain any SMS in case your Message Player is complete.
  2. If you’re a recently updated user of the same network, you can not obtain any SMS or information onto your cellular phone.
  3. You may be triggered. Don’t Disturb (DND) Support in your Airtel Number in that you can not obtain any SMS or message.