SSL Error 38

SSL Error 38

Here we can see “SSL Error 38”

SSL 38 Infection is Displayed when Launching Software


When attempting to start a program using ICA Proxy into XenApp via Access Gateway Enterprise, the next error message is shown:


Cause 1

That is possibly due to licensing restrictions as suggested in this content CTX119980 — SSL Error 38 if Launching Programs using Access Gateway Enterprise Edition.

Cause 2

This issue may also be due to issues with Domain Name System (DNS) name resolution. After launching a program, the Access Gateway Enterprise Edition machine employs the procedure established at the WebInterface.conf file for name resolution. The Web Interface creates the ICA file. In case the WebInterface.conf file is the place to DNS-port along with DNS resolution isn’t feasible, possibly because no DNS server has been defined at the Access Gateway Enterprise setup or the device being at a DMZ where no DNS server is accessible. The initiation of the program fails with the previous error message.

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Choice 1

The First choice to solve this dilemma is to define a DNS server at the Access Gateway Enterprise Edition machine within the Title Servers menu, as shown in the next screenshot:

Choice 2

The second choice is to edit the WebInterface.conf file over the Internet Interface server for this website, to solve through ipv4-port instead of DNS-port. The default location of this WebInterface.conf file is C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\sitename\conf\. Replace the Sitename together using the title of your website; the default option Sitename to get an internet site on Internet Interface is Citrix/Xenapp.

Citrix Access Gateway — SSL Error 38

Last week I had been working on my very first NetScaler in a little while, substituting a Citrix Secure Gateway using an Access Gateway website. I’d just finished the installation, had evaluation users linking and what working good… until the 6th user attempted to log in and as I was going to bite into a Chic-fil-a sandwich, so I got an email stating that consumers were getting the following error message if they tried to get published applications:

Cannot connect to Citrix MetaFrame server, SSL mistake 38

A few issues were contributing to my issue, which I will move over here.

  1. Accreditation setup
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Whether it is correct to say that, the NetScaler arrived with two licenses. One was a permit for its appliance itself, and another was that the Citrix Access Gateway Platform License. It turns out I spent both permits utilizing the MAC or even HostID of this appliance. So, according to discussions with Citrix service engineers, what I need to have done will be to permit the appliance to utilize the MAC and licensed the Access Gateway Platform permit employing the Hostname of this appliance.

The first hint that something was wrong, a hint that I looked above, was that the Maximum ICA Users Allowed alternative from the Licenses pane of this NetScaler GUI read as shown below:

The very first thing I needed to do is return the Citrix Access Gateway Platform permit and reallocate it Dependent on the machine’s hostname “Netscaler”:

After I’d reallocated the permit depending on the Hostname and uploaded it into the NetScaler, the Maximum ICA Users Allowed alternative from the Licenses pane of this NetScaler GUI browse 10000, so that the Citrix Access Gateway Platform permit is used successfully.

  1. Change the accessibility Mode of this Access Gateway Virtual Server

I had one extra difficulty in my accessibility Gateway virtual machine. It has accessibility mode put into SmartAccess Mode and had to be put to Fundamental Mode to utilize my own “10000” connections.

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When these adjustments were created, the users can log in and move back to eating their Chic-Fil-A sandwich.