Telegram Is Getting Ads… But It Won’t Change Much


Telegram will be receiving advertisements in 2021. However, they will not look at one of the chats.

Ads are arriving at Telegram in 2021. Since the messaging program nears 500 million consumers, it will have to generate more earnings to adapt to its growing userbase.

Telegram Requires Ads to Generate additional Money.

An encrypted messaging program gained an international following chiefly due to its clean interface and privacy characteristics. The creator of this program, Pavel Durov, made a statement on his Telegram channel, which may alter this program’s appearance and feel indefinitely.

Since the program gets nearer to 500 million consumers, Telegram will require additional funds for servers. And based on Durov, the program “is on course to achieve countless users.” Durov continues to be paying for the program’s expenses from his pocket since its beginning, which isn’t perfect for a developing program.

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Telegram will require a means to learn more funds to keep up with the influx of consumers. Durov has determined the best way to market the program is via advertisements.

So yes, Telegram will probably be receiving advertisements in 2021. But mercifully, you won’t find any promotions in one of the chats. Durov notes that”communicating between individuals ought to be free of advertisements of any type,” which”most users will barely notice any change.”

Telegram advertisements will only show up in people’s one-to-many stations. A few channel owners already utilize third-party solutions to make more targeted ads for their stations, but Telegram would like to change this. Beginning next year, Telegram will be implementing its ad platform, which can be “user-friendly, respects solitude,” and enables Telegram to pay “the expenses of traffic and servers.”

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Telegram will not be the only party that benefits from the advertisements. Durov claims that “the neighborhood must also profit, and he clarified this concept in further detail, saying:

By way of instance, if we monetize big public one-to-many channels through the Ad Platform, then the proprietors of those channels will get free visitors in proportion to their size. If Telegram presents premium decals with added expressive attributes, the artists that create decals of the new kind will also receive part of the gain.

That is fantastic for both Telegram, in addition to small companies and other founders.

Additionally, in his article, Durov said that Telegram would shortly be incorporating paid attributes for”company groups or power users” too. But do not worry; anybody working with the program for free can keep doing so.

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Ads Will Not Change Much Concerning Telegram

It does not look like advertisements will be damaging to Telegram, as Durov guarantees they will not get in your way. When advertisements arrive in 2021, we will have to determine whether Durov was true to his sentence.