epsxe crashes when loading game

epsxe crashes when loading game

Here we can see “epsxe crashes when loading game

Epsxe crashes when loading game

If you’re experiencing an epsxe crash when trying to play the game, it may be that your computer is not supporting the game. To find out if your computer is compatible with the game, please visit the following website:


How to Fix the Epsxe crashes when loading game

If you’re unable to fix the issue yourself, you might want to contact Microsoft support for assistance. If Microsoft cannot help you, you may need to take steps such as installing a new graphics card or update your computer’s drivers. You can also try deleting any outdated files and folders and reinstalling them if needed.

How to Prevent the Problem from Happening in the future

In order to prevent this issue from happening in the future, make sure that you follow these tips:

  • Use up-to-date security patches for your operating system.
  • Keep your computer clean and clutter-free.
  • Avoid using programs that could cause problems with your computer or software

How to Repair ePSXe has Stopped Working Error

This is the common problem faced by many ePSXe users: whenever they struggle to run the bios or use ISO, it not works.

Unfortunately, everything isn’t pink and flowery: with ePSXe and Windows 10, we discover the emulator and that we start a ROM image (in the formats bin, iso, img, cue, CCD, mds, PBP, ECM), or from a CD it crashes and presents the sad message, ePSXe doesn’t respond.

ePSXe.exe instruction is one of the foremost common computer errors faced by most PC users. Computer users often receive this error message once they start a computer or run a program, then a mistake message stating “ePSXe.exe has stopped working” appears. Once the ePSXe.exe error occurs, one program won’t work properly, the others will automatically pack up, and even the pc will restart unexpectedly.

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Run ePSXe as administrator

If you run the emulator with the administrator, there are two options.

The problem is solved.

Or you get the opposite error message that you simply are missing a.dll file.

If the.dll file is missing, follow the steps below.

  1. Browse the.dll file online.
  2. Download the.dll file.
  3. Unzip the download file.
  4. Place it within the ePSXe folder using ePSXe.exe.

Set CPU overclocking to x1

This is probably the only well-known method to unravel this problem and is obtainable in many forum messages and videos on the web. It is often wont to solve the matter that happens when the CPU overclocking option available within the In-App menu is about to a worth greater than x1.

We don’t know why it’s set by default, and lots of users have had their share of problems solving this problem, but the tactic is understood, so confirm you are trying it.

  • Locate the ePSXe main execution file and double-click it to execute it. You’ll also look for it within the Start menu.
  • Once the emulator window is open, click on the choices button within the menu bar and use the mouse to navigate to CPU Overclocking.
  • Be sure to activate the x1 option by clicking thereon. Then, check if the matter persists!

Use System Restore

To select a system restore point,

  • Click the Bead (Start) button on the desktop.
  • Type System Restore within the search box and press Enter.
  • Once the system recovery is open, select “Select another recovery point” and click on Next.

On the subsequent screen, select a restore point to return to the last point where it worked for you. Once you’ve selected the restore point, click Next, then click Finish, which starts the restore process.

Epsxe no longer works? from gpdwin

How to Avoid the Problem from Happening.

If you’re using a game that doesn’t come with original files, make sure to check to see if you are using the correct files. If not, you may experience issues when playing the game. For example, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 may not work properly if you use the wrong game files.

Use a known and trusted game launcher

One way to avoid problems with games is by using a known and trusted game launcher. This can include popular launchers like Steam or Microsoft Windows Game Launcher. These launchers usually have standardized file formats so that games run smoothly and without any problems.

Disable third-party add-ons

Another way to avoid problems is by disabling third-party add-ons. This can include add-ons that are not from the official game library and can cause instability or other problems in your gaming experience. By disabling these add-ons, you’ll also be less likely to encounter issues while playing the game.

User Questions:

1. ePSXe crashes when loading any game

I’m running Windows 10 Professional and ePSXe 2.0.5. I’ve ripped many of my old PS1 games to BIN/CUE files, but once I attempt to load any of them up, ePSXe hangs then crashes. I’ve tried the two inbuilt graphics plugins, but all of them fail.

This is what I see once I enable logging. Does anyone have any ideas about what could be wrong?


 * Running ePSXe emulator version 2.0.5.

* Memory handlers init.

* ePSXe: PSX BIOS loaded [bios\SCPH1001.BIN].

* Loading ISO Format [MDF/BIN/IMG2352] ok

* First/Last track: 1 1

* Track 1: (DATA) – Start 1: (00,02,00) – Length 69:34

* NTSC cdrom detected. (SLUS_010.41)

* GPU supports GTE Accurate

* Doing init gpu[0]…

* Init OpenGLv2…

OpenGL Screen Resolution 640×480 Ratio: StretchVendor: NVIDIA Corporation

Renderer: Quadro FX 880M/PCIe/SSE2

* Gpu open[0]…

* Direct input init ok.

* Init core spu … ok

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2. ePSXe 2.0.5 crashes after loading a game.

Since two days ago, this is happening after installing visual studio (I’m trying to review c# and obtain over with already). I’m also using the 8Bitdo SFC30 Pro controller (if it can somehow help), and it’s giving me shit lately. It won’t connect, and when it does, it’ll freeze…. hooray. (And so I’m forced to use it with the cable. I feel that it’s probably the Bluetooth dongle’s fault. I’ll attempt to change it asap).

The ePSXe’s configurations are mainly defaulted, apart from the video plugin that’s the “ePSXe GPU core 2.0.0” Because it is the one that glitch the less in games, like in ace combat 3, it won’t give me those textures errors within the “enter decision” mission. – but the emu crashes with all the opposite video plugins. Also, the “CPU Overclocking” is already at x1, CPU Mode is at Dynarec (fast), too. I also do not have any gte hacks enabled.

3. PSX crashing when Selecting iso.

So once I select an iso, it turns to a landscape then it crashes. I even have already installed the bios, and it works just fine. So I downloaded the iso for silent hill 2 for PS2, and that I have an LG G3 D850 with android 5.0.1.

4. EpsxE Crash Help

It worked before with no issues a few months approximately ago. I used to be playing all kinds of PSX games.

But sometimes, I switch to other systems; they won’t access an emulator for a while.

I was playing tons of Gamecube, but again nothing changed on my machine.

I went to play a PSX game yesterday, and zip now EpsxE crashes.

5. Why is my ePSXe screen black?

A black screen usually indicates a graphics plugin problem (either a special plugin or a different configuration). the sport will sit at a black screen, but you’ll still ESC and return to the ePSXe GUI; this is often normal.