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Animal Crossing Player Turns Their Son’s Playhouse Into Nook’s Cranny

A clever Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan shared their design of a Nook's Cranny-inspired playhouse for their son to enjoy. One Animal Crossing fan revealed...

Animal Crossing Player Recreates Breath of the Wild’s Lurelin Village

A dedicated Nintendo fan has recreated Lurelin Village from Breath of the Wild on their Animal Crossing island, creating one of the most peaceful...

Animal Crossing Players Prepare For Stranger Things Season 4

A group of Animal Crossing players have recreated Stranger Things' most famous scenes ahead of the fourth season's premiere. With an in-game build that pays...

Animal Crossing Players Recreate Squid Game Episode 1 Moment

Using the Nintendo Switch classic Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a Twitch streamer recreated one of the most iconic moments from Squid Game. An Animal Crossing:...